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Note: I need you to get all the answers from 2 chapters of a book that I will be

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Note: I need you to get all the answers from 2 chapters of a book that I will be providing to the tutor that starts working with me on this assignment.Question 1)Benjamin has written an email to his academic advisor which begins:Dear Dr. Lewis, as you may recall, due to my work schedule, I was unable to take the required 15 hours I needed to retain my scholarship at which time you graciously wrote to the Registrar asking to waive the hours requirement.Based on just this portion of the message, you can determine that Benjamin is about to make what type of persuasive request?Group of answer choicesFavorMaking an accusationClaimRequesting InformationQuestion 2)While delivering constructive criticism, to avoid litigation charges and to respond ethically, only _____ must be included.Group of answer choicesspecific factstechnical termsevaluative wordstrite statementsQQuestion 3)Who among the following individuals follows a good practice when developing the reasons section of a bad-news message?Group of answer choicesWarner, a manager at Belvania Inc., who reads the reasons section aloud to identify logical flawsDan, a manager at Licorice Inc., who presents the refusal before providing the reasonsZoya, a manager at Ahoma City Corp., who writes the reasons section using the deductive approachMeena, a manager at Bling Clothing Inc., who states company policy as the only reason for refusalQuestion 4)Identify a true statement about a solicited sales message.Group of answer choicesIt is a message that is prepared to answer a potential buyer’s questions.It is a message that is used to introduce a new product or service in the market.It is a standardized message that includes general information about a product.It is the primary appeal on which a persuasive message focuses.Question 5)In the context of a persuasive message, the central selling point:Group of answer choicesshould be introduced early and reinforced throughout the remainder of the emphasized using abstract nouns and passive verbs.refers to a benefit offered by a product or a service that is also provided by other viable alternatives.should be written using the deductive approach.Question 6)Who among the following individuals follows a good practice when announcing negative organizational news?Group of answer choicesBeth, a manager at Weston Inc., who uses a buffer to introduce a topic familiar to employees through previous communicationTasha, a manager at Wisbania Technologies Inc., who uses an email rather than a printed memo for conveying a sensitive messageAmir, a manager at Olympaq Inc., who announces a negative news in the subject line of his messageCharles, a manager at Lakeville Associates Inc., who avoids providing an explanation to support a negative newsQuestion 7)When writing a bad-news statement, use _____.Group of answer choicesgeneral termsconcrete nounsactive verbstrite statementsQuestion 8)The second stage of crisis management is _____Group of answer choicescrisis responsecrisis recoverypre-crisis planningcrisis preventionQuestion 9)Which of the following statements is true of persuasion?Group of answer choicesIt is an honest, organized presentation of information on which a person can choose to act.It involves irrational exaggeration of the features of the products or services that the sender is trying to sell.It involves the incorporation of complex scientific equations in a message.It is an attempt to trap someone into taking action favorable to the communicator.Question 10)Stacy is designing a new print ad for a popular soft drink. Rather than making the soft drink the main focus of the ad, she has decided to showcase an attractive, physically fit man playing frisbee with his dog in a park. Why did she take this approach?Group of answer choicesShe wants to gain the audience’s attentionShe wants to create goodwillShe wants to create credibilityShe wants to address queries


If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional Essay Writing Service is here to help!



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