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Question 26Academic medical centers provide tertiary, secondary, and primary car

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Health & Medical | 0 comments


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Question 26Academic medical centers provide tertiary, secondary, and primary care but have a principal focus on biomedical research, the teaching of medical residents and medical students, and often an array of other professional training, research, and service activities.True
Question 27Early public health efforts in the United States in the eighteenth century focused on inspection of ships arriving in harbors along the eastern seacoast and included laws for the isolation and quarantine of persons suspected to be carrying diseases that might be spread to the general population.True
Question 28Fill in the Blank: One further important development in public health thinking and theory was_____________________.Under this law, the federal government provided the funds to individual states for the establishment to plan and control the future development of health services- primarily hospitals-in the United States. The implementation was complicated and filled with significant controversy throughout the country; the law has since been allowed to lapse on both federal and state levels, and there is presently no direct attempt, by either federal or state governments, to plan the distribution of personal health services.The United States Children’s Bureau
The Social Security Act of 1935
Federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Health Planning and Resource Development Act of 1974
Question 29 Fill in the Blank: ______________federal government activities grew with regard to specific health problems related to children. The United States Children’s Bureau was formed in 1912, and the first White House conference on child health was held in 1919. The Sheppard- Towner Act of 1922 established the federal Board of Maternity and Infant Hygiene; this act provided administrative funds to the Children’s Bureau and also provided funds to the states to establish programs in maternal and child health.In the eighteenth century
In the nineteenth century
Late eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century
As the twentieth century
Question 30 For-profit hospitals are not just accountable to the community but must also provide a return on investment to the shareholders; therefore they expect to generate a profit to pay a return to the equity investors for their capital.True
Question 310.3 PointsHealth services in the past meant curative and treatment services for the most part, and health promotion or disease prevention services were considered only peripherallyTrue
Question 320.3 PointsHorizontal integration, designed to provide an enhanced level of efficiency of scale across multiple institutions and in related geographic areas, may serve to reduce duplication of services and marketplace competition.True
Question 330.3 points in reference to the Horizontal IntegrationSimilar units of production affiliate with each other
Occurs in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and can involve various levels of organizational affiliation from direct ownership to looser affiliation arrangements
May facilitate operational efficiencies such as purchasing, information systems, quality assurance, and management capacity
All of the above Question 36
Nonprofit entities have owners and are not governed by a community-based board that has ultimate authority for operation of the entity.True
Question 37
Nonprofit entities serve a community service and have special recognition under the law due to their role in our society.True
Question 38
Technological advancement has led to the development of increased specialization and clinical practice, expansion of specialized services, new medical and surgical specialties, and treatments for many diseases for which little curative or other care could be provided in the past.True
Question 39
The United States utilizes a very intricate combination of local, state, and federal government public health agencies to accomplish the public sector’s responsibilities to the American publicTrue
Question 40
The eighteenth-century marked a great advance in public health and housing, water supply, and sewage disposal were all the focus of organized public health activities, with the intent of reducing the disease burden on the public by improving the physical environmentTrue
Question 41
The federal government’s activities in public health in the United States are NOT related to the Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level department in the federal government.True
Question 42
The health care system of the United States is a relatively unplanned and poorly coordinated system compared to most other major industrialized countries throughout the world.True
Question 43
The largest grouping of hospitals in the nation is nonprofit community hospitals.True
Question 44
Today, despite of the tremendous capital costs of building, maintaining and operating a hospital, most hospitals in the United States that are non-for-profit True
Question 45
Which of the following are the major barriers to the individual physician’s assuming the central role in health promotion and disease prevention?There lack of immunization and vaccinations
Question 46
Which of the following is/are true about the HMO? The advent of managed care of the HMO type presents opportunities for the expansion of health promotion and disease prevention in ways that have not been previously available
Question 47
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Vertical Integration?Implies the establishment of integrated health care delivery systems that incorporate all or most aspects of the health care process. Question 48
With both horizontal and vertical integration, the ultimate governance responsibility is typically shifted to the highest level of organizational structure.True
False Match the following definitions with the Proper Level of Prevention Primary prevention secondary prevention
tertiary prevention THE OPTIONS ARE Means halting the progression of disease from its early, unrecognized stage to a more severe one and preventing the complication or sequelae of disease. It focuses on early diagnosis and/ or prompt treatment of a health problem that would otherwise have serious impacts on the health of individuals. This means identifying the presence of a problem before it breaks the clinical horizon and before it becomes symptomatic in most cases .This means averting the occurrence of disease. It includes those measures that are applied or brought into effect before the disease is present. Focuses on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and specific protections from known hazards .In the case of coronary artery disease, for example, would focus on identifying individuals at high risk for disease— people, for example, who have a strong family history of heart disease, a history of heavy smoking, a lack of exercise, or a blood lipid profile that is abnormal. These early screening efforts can lead to more specific and focused tests and examinations that might further establish the early diagnosis of potential disease while it can still be constructively handled .Involves the prevention of the effects of the disease once it has been identified. This level of prevention operates on the premise that simply because the disease is present does not mean that its course should be allowed to run unhindered. Match the Emerging Public Health Threat with the respective Term. TERROR NATURAL DISASTERS DESEASE PUBLIC HEALTH IN GENERAL THE OPTIONS ARE Displacement of people, disruptions in the food and water supplies, lack of access to health care, impacts on utilities, separation of family members, accidents, the impact of crowding, certain effects of population aging, chemical infringements, drug misuse Anthrax, Avian influenza, Botulism, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Hantavirus, Lassa fever, Plague, Ricin toxin, Viral encephalitis Active attacks on commerce Economic, attacks including those on banking, Interference with food, water, utilities, supplies, Internet attacks Earthquakes, Extreme heat, Floods Hurricanes, Landslides and mudslides, Power outages, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Wildfires, Winter weather


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