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Speech #1 Guidelines: The (Job) InterviewBorrowed with permission from Barry Reg

by | Sep 30, 2021 | English | 0 comments


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Speech #1 Guidelines: The (Job) InterviewBorrowed with permission from Barry Regan – Central Arizona CollegeOverviewFor many people, acing a job interview is one of the most intimidating, yet rewarding experiences in our lives. Additionally, while I hope that a large part of the reason you’re enrolled in COMM 1 is to better yourselves and learn, let’s also be honest here: Most of you are enrolled at De Anza to brighten your career prospects. To that end, have you ever considered that job interviews and presenting a speech actually share many qualities? Consider these similarities:In both, you’re often discussing your beliefs and values with others
You have to prioritize important information, rather than dump it all on the audience/interviewers
It’s a high-pressure situation that requires you to stay clear-minded.
There are, of course, more parallels, but you get the idea. Therefore, in order for you to get the most out of your time in COMM 1, your first graded presentation will be a practice job interview! For the purposes of this presentation, consider me and your classmates as if we were an interview panel for this job.DirectionsReflect on a job that you are interested in obtaining. It should be one that you will be qualified for ONCE you’ve completed your degree or certificate program here at De Anza (or 4-year institution, if you’re taking this class while concurrently enrolled at a CSU or UC).Search for a job posting online (such as on LinkedIn or You’ll be referring to this job description throughout your presentation.Your presentation and outline should follow the structure noted below:Introduction: State your name, the title of the job, and the name of the organization it is with
Include a brief transitional statement (e.g. “let me explain why I am an ideal candidate for this position” “here is why I will be an exceptional worker for your organization”)
Main Point #1: Work ExperienceBriefly explain 1-3 of your past or current jobs. What did you do? Briefly describe some of your tasks and (if applicable) accolades you received while at these jobs. It is okay to project a bit into the future and make this aspirational.
Be sure to tailor what you say to THIS specific job. Even if your work experience doesn’t seem directly applicable, it is your task to explain how it prepared you for this position.
Main Point 2: Life ExperienceBriefly explain 1-2 important or “life-changing” moments you’ve had that have given you the proper perspective necessary to do this job. You may want to consider volunteer work, travel experience, or a personal relationship with a family, friend, or mentor.
ConclusionRestate the title and name of the organization (i.e. “Once again, I think I’m the best candidate for the position at
End with a proper conclusion (“Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon”).
In AdditionThe outline needs to have :The title of the job and the company
A link to the job description


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