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Activity #3Sensation and Perception: WorksheetInstructions: This assignment is t

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Activity #3Sensation and Perception: WorksheetInstructions: This assignment is to answer a set of 10 questions from the material on sensation and perception. Refer to Chapter 3 in K&R and my class materials (Class 3) for assistance in answering thesequestions. The submission deadline for this assignment, which is worth 10 points, is midnight on Monday, October 4th. Please refer to the published “Electronic Submission Guidelines” to ensure that your submission conforms to specified rules for PSYC 401.Questions1. (1) What is the difference between sensation and perception?2. (½) __________________ is best defined as the perceptual ability to perceive an object as the same actual size even when seen at different distances.3. (½) Visual perception is primarily accomplished through the _____________ lobe of the cerebral cortex, whereas auditory perception is primarily centered in the ___________ lobe.4. (1) Explain the difference between inattentional blindness and change blindness as it relates to the visual perception of change.5. (1) Name and briefly explain one of the two theories of color vision.6. (1) The two senses referred to as the “chemical senses” are ______________ and _____________________.7. (2) Fill out the following table for what I called the five major senses. (I’ve filled out the visual sense for you as an example.) SenseStimulus EnergyReceptor(s)/Locationfor Energy TransductionVisionElectromagnetic waves in visible spectrumRods/Cones on retina at back surface of eye8. (1) The fcat taht you can raed and urtdansned thsi senetcne eevn tohguh it is sesrony gbreisibh is an eaxlpme of: ________________________ processing.9. (1) Perceptual heuristics, like the “blur means motion” heuristic, sometimes cause us to make perceptual mistakes. How would an evolutionary psychologist explain why these perceptual mistakes happen? 10. (1) Over the past decade, it has become very common for doctors to gauge a patient’s overall pain by asking them to assess the intensity of their pain on a 10-point scale – like the one at right. However, there has been increasing criticism with this procedure. One of the criticisms is that physician use of such a scale may have contributed to the current opioid epidemic in our country. Given your knowledge about pain sensation and perception, construct an argument that would support this criticism.2


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