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Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing writing question and need an ex

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Creative Writing | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a creative writing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Directions: Please write out this outline in complete sentences. This is a formal outline so you will need to go into detail. The outline is provided down below. Delivery Speech GuidelinesYou are to prepare a 3-4 minute speech from a previously written text. You are not just reading this text to us; you’re creating a performance. You should be engaging, passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, and show emotion. You will be allowed a script of your entire text with you as you present. You can have it all on a sheet of paper, or you can put the text on notecards. The best speeches will be rehearsed in advance and engage the audience while hitting all of the components of delivery that was discussed in class. Along with submitting your edited script to me, you need to keep in mind a few questions so you stay on topic: 1. What’s the message of the speech?2. How will you convey that message through delivery? (Be specific to the aspects of delivery that we discussed [eg. Through personal connection with eye contact, I want the audience to know how important and emotional this speech should be to them]). Practice and rehearse beforehand; reading your speech over in your head is not the same as rehearsing out loud. The best speech will adhere to the following:1) Will highlight the speaker’s vocal qualities (vocal delivery)2) Will highlight the speaker’s nonverbal skills (physical delivery)3) Will exercise a wide range of emotions. Will exude an appropriate amount of enthusiasm and passion without being melodramatic and fake. 4) Will NOT pull from a text that slanders, libels, insults, degrades or in any way marginalizes members from a particular race, creed, religion, gender, etc. 5) Has been practiced so that the speaker is not stumbling, stopping & starting, etc.o Has been practiced so that the speaker can maintain a decent level of eye contact. Do all of these things and you will do well; choose to not practice and instead deliver a flat, boring speech and we will be in for a long class.Cultural Artifact Speech Outline ExampleIntroductionAttention getter: Every time I step into the briefing room at work, the first question we always ask each other is, “What should we eat during break?” Even outside of work, when my friends and I plan to hang out, the first question is, “Are we meeting for lunch or for dinner?”
Revealed object: I’m pretty sure you all have that one friend that won’t let anyone touch or start on their food until they have taken their pictures or videos or Boomerang of the meal of the day. I was that friend. This camera was used on most of my hangouts to photograph for my food blog.
Speaker credibility: I’ve been running a food blog on Instagram, reviewing food and restaurants, ever since August of 2015.
Thesis: Due to the increasing number of people that rely on social media to gather new information about the world around them, cameras have been playing a very big role in being able to translate these information through visuals and the foodie culture has been growing, thanks to social media and cameras, in this generation of advancing technology.
Preview of main points: I’m going to tell you about the foodie culture, about how much I enjoy being a part of it, and the history of the cultural artifact.
Transition SentenceBodyThe term “foodie” is used to describe people with a particular interest in food. Food was originally a necessity. It was needed for survival. However, food became more than what people just ate in order to survive, it began to give pleasure to certain people. These people, called “foodies” will eat, not to satisfy their hunger, but as an interest or a hobby, like how one would read or play games.
Culture object represents:
Cameras are a great representation of the foodie culture because of how it is able to photograph the food. A big part of this culture is sharing these photos and/or videos online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. When deciding where to eat, which is a big deal for foodies, although pictures of menus and reviews on Yelp may be helpful, the deciding factor for the meal of the day would be the pictures and videos. While the descriptions and reviews of the menu items can create a mental picture, seeing the actual food itself before you order them can trigger your appetite and make you want to try it out.
Transition SentenceWhy I identify with this culture:I’ve been updating my daily meals on my food account on Instagram for four years now. They have been consisting of food from different countries, different restaurants, desserts, drinks, and even home cooked meals. As much as I want it to be, my feed doesn’t always consist of food from restaurants people have never been to before. A lot of my pictures were also taken where other food bloggers have dined. Although my influence may not be as big as the more well-known “foodies”, it is true that these photos do reach out to a certain number of people.
I love keeping photos to look back on the memories. Cameras allow me to capture those moments to look back upon in the future. As a part of the foodie culture, most of my photos are of the food, the interior of the restaurant, and the menu. Although they are simply pictures of what I’ve been eating for the past 4 years, the experience I had and the conversations with whoever I was with are also part of these pictures. My camera contains pictures of the food that simply get shared on social media but also the memories with special people in my life.
Transition SentenceMain Pt. 3 How it connects to larger culture/History a. subpoint b. subpointTransition SentenceConclusionReview thesis: The pleasure derived from food is the main idea of the growing foodie culture and cameras can be used to share and let more restaurants known to other members of this culture.
Review main points: Although food is a necessity for survival, to relieve hunger, it has become a big part in creating pleasure and happiness for people. Cameras like this or even phone cameras are used to capture and share the happiness “foodies” feel.
Memorable closer: I hope you guys don’t hate on your friends that take forever trying to take good pictures of their food. They might be trying to get a good picture to look back upon, to remember that day they spent with you.
RubricCultural Artifact OutlineCultural Artifact OutlineCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBody of Outline – 3 main points, at least 2 sub points and transitions10 ptsFull Marks7 ptsNot Quite0 ptsNo Marks10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClear Introduction with all sub points – attention getter, cred statement, why audience should care, thesis, preview5 ptsFull Marks3 ptsNot Quite0 ptsNo Marks5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClear Conclusion with all sub points: review, thesis, memorable ending5 ptsFull Marks3 ptsNot Quite0 ptsNo Marks5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOutline is NOT in essay format/ Every part is clearly labeled5 ptsFull Marks3 ptsNot Quite0 ptsNo Marks5 pts


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