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Read the case given and answer the questions: Ali, fresh from school was a newly

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Read the case given and answer the questions: Ali, fresh from school was a newly recruited HR practitioner. During his one month into the job, he was asked to be in-charge of the orientation programme for the entire organization. Being new, he followed closely to the processes. Recently, Rayan joined the organization and Ali was required to orientate him. On Rayan’s first day of work, Ali brought him around the organization for introduction to the rest of the staffs. Unfortunately, Rayan’s assigned mentor was not around hence, Ali was unable to make an official introduction for Rayan to meet up with his mentor. In the afternoon, during the HR briefing, Ali mentioned to Rayan that there is a buddy system in place but it is only on an opt-in basis. Rayan requested to opt for a buddy. Ali was rather surprised by Rayan’s request as according to Ali’s manager-Khalid, no one in the organization has requested for a buddy. Hence, Ali checked with Khalid on the criteria in getting a buddy for Rayan and according to her, Ali found out that it needed to be someone preferably from Rayan’s department. Having clarified on the criteria, Ali was supposed to get a buddy for Rayan, unfortunately, this issue was clearly forgotten by Ali due to his busy schedule as he was involved in other HR matters as well and he did not follow up with Rayan’s request promptly. One week later, Ali met Rayan in a lunch gathering and Ali greeted Rayan and asked him casually how he is doing and if he has adapted well to his job. Rayan, asked Ali blatantly and angrily where is his buddy that he had requested. At that moment, Ali recalled on the existence of this request and unwittingly told Rayan that he thought Rayan was joking with him on the request for a buddy as he did not want to admit to Rayan that he had clearly forgotten about the whole issue. Rayan was very angered by Ali’s response and told him off that he was very serious in getting a buddy and that its Ali’s responsibility to do so. Ali, clearly embarrassed and guilty about his mistake, apologised immediately and promised to get him a buddy. On the very day, a buddy- Faris, was found for Rayan. Rayan was very unhappy with Ali and confronted Ali and his buddy when he was able to have an official meet up session with his mentor. Ali explained to Rayan that the organization has no current practice in place for meet up sessions to be arranged between mentors and mentees and it’s a practice for mentees to take self-initiative to do so in arranging for meetings with their mentors and also that his mentor is currently out of town and will only be back the next day. Ali, himself being a new staff also was at that moment in time speaking on personal experience and also based on what Khalid had told him. Faris, who was present agreed and helped to explain to Rayan on the practice. Rayan kept quiet and Ali unknowingly thought that Rayan has understood the organisation practice. Hence, Ali did not continue to check with Rayan on this aspect. The following day, Rayan had a feedback session with his manager and Ali was called upon to sit in as a part of the orientation programme. Rayan brought up the issue on Ali’s failure to get him a buddy promptly and that he was not introduced to his mentor at all. He complained about the poor management of the HR mentor and buddy system and that it was not effective at all and that he expressed that he is very unhappy with Ali as he felt that he was not doing his job at all. Ali tried to explain to Rayan and his manager about what happened and also reassured Rayan that he will take his suggestions of improving on the system and was apologetic about the issue. He told Rayan’s manager that he will bring Rayan to see his mentor after the session as his mentor is back in the office after being on leave for the past week. Rayan was still very unhappy with Ali and continued telling Ali off in front of his manager. Assignment Questions:Marks: 05 1. On an HR practitioner point of view, what should Ali do to resolve the issue? (1.5 mark) 2. Rayan is very unhappy with Ali and holds it against him even though all has been done and followed up. What should Ali as HR do to resolve this and should Khalid, as Ali’s manager do something? (1.5mark) 3. What role does Rayan’s manager play in this issue and should he be implicated? (2marks) Answers: 1. 2. 3.


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