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Research: Getting a job Narrow your search to two out of the three companies or

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Research: Getting a job Narrow your search to two out of the three companies or schools based upon your preliminary evaluation. Write: Total paragraphs: 5-7 Part 1: Worth: 5 points (1 paragraph) 1. Why did you eliminate one of the three? (1 paragraph). Part 2: Worth 25 points (4-6 paragraphs totals) 2. Answer in complete sentences: In two or three paragraphs for each of the two remaining internships, companies, or schools, attempt to find out about: Company (if you choose to research a job, answer these questions): The current financial viability of the Company
2. The position of the company in the greater marketplace. The potential for the company’s growth, given its position in the marketplace.
The non-profit organizations supported by the company.
The professional groups or organizations that company employees belong to;
The benefits package (401K, health insurance, profit sharing) for employees.
Module 2, Step 2 Criteria Ratings Pts Part 1: Explanation for eliminating 1 Source Did the student offer an explanation why they eliminated this company, internship, or graduate program from their list? The explanation needs to be one paragraph in length. 5 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 5 pts Part 2: Answers to questions Did the student offer proof in writing that they did research on their two remaining jobs, internships, and/or graduate programs? Evidence of this can include providing web links, and specific data (due dates, mission statements, etc). 20 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 20 pts Grammar and Editing The student ensured that their work was free from major grammar issues and that they edited their work for clarity before turning it in. 5 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 5 pts This is information about me: —- – my major is Arabic I speak three languages (Arabic, English, and Chaldean) after graduation I will get Bachelor’s I choose these three companies, but you will eliminate the first one (Grossmont College) ————————————————————————————————————– Grossmont College Grossmont College in San Diego. It is a comprehensive college that allows the student to transfer to many universities in California as well as private universities. It has several professional programs so that students can master both private and public work. Supports students by getting tuition fees free for the first two years if they are full-time students. It has a lot of job opportunities (Grossmont Career Resource Center), such as Admissions, Financial Aid, CalWORKs, EOPS, Counseling Center, Library, Outreach, Tutoring, lecturer, etc Cajon Valley Union School District: In 2019 the Cajon Valley Union School District was named Best Place to Work in San Diego Serving more than 60 square miles of San Diego’s East County, has many programs to develop students and make them happy, making El Cajon the best place to live and work. It also provides many job opportunities such as School Counselor, School Psychologist, Teacher, Elementary, School Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse LVN (HCS), Bilingual Support Teacher: (50%Contract), Special Education Teacher: Moderate/Severe (Virtual Learning), On-call Employees-Custodian (Day and Night), and On-call Employees-Student Support. El Cajon Family Resource Center The El Cajon Family Resource Center helps province inhabitants looking for food help (CalFresh), clinical protection (Medi-Cal), and additionally monetary help (CalWORKs and general alleviation). Customers are assessed for qualification for each program. Giving social government assistance administrations to destitute residents. These administrations incorporate, however are not restricted to money and food help, business administrations, and clinical necessities. There is an assortment of projects accessible for individuals with or without minor youngsters.


If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional Essay Writing Service is here to help!



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