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Students will write a five-page/approximately 1600 words (double-spaced, 12-poin

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Students will write a five-page/approximately 1600 words (double-spaced, 12-point font)contextual analysis paper on any of the films and/or television shows we have watched during the course. You can write about any of the films/TV shows we’ve watched in class, either individually or as a comparative analysis with one another; it is OK to bring in other film/TV examples in your analysis, but your primary subject must center around a film and/or TV series from the syllabus.Avoid paper topics that present a survey of all the titles we’ve watched this term as examples of the respective decade.Papers must present a clear argument supported by evidence including a combination of sources (see criteria below) and interpretive analysis of the film and/or television shows that are the focus of the paper. Please consult the Thesis Statement Worksheet attached a the bottom of the page.Paper Requirements:Choose which media text(s) to write on.
Meet minimum word count: 1600 words.
Use at least three sources: two must be “scholarly sources”, one of these can be from our course reader, the second must be a new source; the third source can be from a credible mainstream press source (paper or on-line). Source criteria explained below.
Use MLA format to cite your sources. For information/examples of how to use MLA visit:MLA Purdue Owl.
Avoid extensive plot summary. It’s OK to include one—short—paragraph briefly describing the plot of the film/TV series, but your discussion of the story should be an interpretive analysis.
Visual Rhetoric: each paper must include two images and one video clip that help to illustrate various points in your paper’s argument. The criteria for the paper’s visual rhetoric are the same as the media clips you’ve included in your weekly discussion board posts.
All submitted material must be 12-point font, double-spaced and to Canvas by 11:59PM, in whatever your timezone, on the due date.
For the written assignments, students are encouraged to explore topics discussed in class, as well as ideas they have developed on their own and in doing so should stay close to the film texts at all times. Papers must provide an analysis that relies on an interpretive commentary: use specific details from the movies as evidence to illustrate your points and avoid plot summary; students are also expected to draw from readings (those on the syllabus or in addition to) to help form their essay’s argument(s).
Here are some questions to ask of your film that will help you to start gathering information on your topic, and organize that material into a coherent essay format. You do not need to answer all of these questions, they are just meant to get you thinking!Industrial: Under what circumstances was this media text produced? What actresses/actors appear in it and how does their star brand impact the production/distribution/reception of the product? Was the film/series’ success or failure related to the reputation of any of its cast or crew? How was the film/series marketed? What was its target audience? What kind of reviews did it receive? What kind of box office grosses did it earn? In what way was the production of the film/TV series characteristic of the decade in which it was made; and/or how does it represent shifts taking place with the entertainment industry at that time?
Historical: What social and political issues influenced the making and/or release of the film/series? In what way can you trace the themes and characterizations in the media text to topical issues? How might the media text be a response (reinforcement of OR challenge) to certain social values of the era in which it was made? How do you interpret the legacy of the film/TV series beyond the decade in which it was produced?
Stylistic/Aesthetic/Narrative: What artistically stands out about the work? How is music (score and/or soundtrack), editing, cinematography, set, and/or costume design used in a distinctive way to influence—through visual style—the narrative themes and/or characterizations? What are the narrative themes that stand out in the film/TV show? How does the film/TV series represent stylistic shifts distinctive to the decade? How has the visual style of the film/TV series impacted future media?0
Paper SourcesIn your paper you must cite three sources, which means actively drawing on the authors’ ideas as a way to cultivate your own. Of these three sources, two must be scholarly sources (books or journal articles—you can use readings from class); one can be from popular press (established magazines or newspapers) or established websites (e.g.,, Huffington Post). Wikipedia cannot be used as a source!
Include one in-text citation for every body paragraph in MLA Format with page numbers and video timestimes
No plagiarism & No Course Hero & No Chegg
Use all of the scholarly sources that I have attached. If you use additional sources please be sure that they are scholarly sources published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021


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