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Branding, Funnels, and Pricing Activity What is your personality type (https://w

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Branding, Funnels, and Pricing Activity What is your personality type (… )? How will your skills help a team? NOTE: The personality test takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. SCENARIO You and your team are back at it again and have been asked by a wealthy management group to start a retail store of your choice that has both a brick and mortar presence in Fremont (a physical store where people can shop) and an online store. What will you be selling in your store? COMPETITION What kind of competition will you have for your in-person store, if any? Why will your team have a better offering than other in-store options? What kind of competition will you have for your online store? SEGMENTATION, TARGETING, AND POSITIONING What segments will you be interested in reaching out to? Remember to be specific about this–you might even be able to reference your personality test. What kind of targeting strategy will you have? Why will those consumers pick your brand over other options (positioning)? BRANDING As your team thinks about the kind of store you want to own and what you want to represent. What values does your company have (…) What kind of voice do you want to use with your customers? For instance, Wendy’s is very fun and snarky on social media, but that doesn’t work for every brand. BRAND ARCHETYPE Just like we have personality types for individual consumers, we have personalities for brands. Explore the brand archetypes here (12 to pick from) ( ) by reading the content and/or watching the video associated with each one and select a primary archetype and a secondary one (best fit and second best fit) that align with your company. List them here: Why did you pick those? BRANDING AND LOGO Draw a logo that represents your company based on your values, your archetype, and other factors. We’re not evaluating anything on your art abilities, but we are interested in seeing what you come up with. Feel free to include your company name if you feel like that would be helpful. CUSTOMER ACQUASITION AND RETENTION What kinds of marketing activities will you do to help make people aware (remember: you’re brand new!) of your business to shop either in-person or online? CUSTOMER ACQUASITION AND RETENTION Great! People are now aware of your store. They’ve seen it either online or have come across anything you’ve done via billboards, signage, or more. How can you get them to go to your site or visit your store to consider your products? CUSTOMER ACQUASITION AND RETENTION Congratulations! You’re getting traffic to your website and people are shopping in your store, but there’s a lot of people looking and not buying so far. What ideas do you have to help convert the lookers into buyers? CUSTOMER ACQUASITION AND RETENTION Those ideas worked. Nice job. Now, how can we make sure that we get those shoppers to visit us again next time they need something? Please be specific and feel free to cite other things that have worked on you. CUSTOMER ACQUASITION AND RETENTION Lastly, we need to get people to tell their friends about what a great experience they’re having with us. What ideas do you have to help make that happen? Once again, let’s be specific with our ideas and cite any examples we’ve seen. PRICING Using what you’ve learned about pricing, what kinds of pricing strategies and tactics will you use? Most stores use a variety of these so we should aim for 6 different options. What products will you use them on, events you will use them for, or creative ways to use pricing to drive more revenue are welcomed!


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