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Hello, this is a reflection of the course paper. Here’s the instructions first.W

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Hello, this is a reflection of the course paper. Here’s the instructions first.Write a 1-2 page paper, double-spaced, addressing the questions below:After taking this course, what is your understanding of Sociology?What are two topics you learned in this course or that surprised you? What did you learn and/or why did it surprise you?What knowledge can you take from this class that you can apply to the outside world?If we were to meet in five years from now, what would you remember from this class?_______I know I can not just insert all the courses material therefore I will mention the topics we stupide and you can search it to answer the questions.The class covered the following:1. What is Sociology and the Sociological Imagination?ex: C. Wright Mills coined the term, sociological imagination. The Sociological Imagination allows you to look at a social issue or incident and be able to distinguish between “personal problems” and “public issues.”It can allow you to see how individual behaviors or situations are connected to their larger societal context.In other words, you can see how socio-historical conditions (social structures) have shaped individual experiences (problems, situations, etc).”The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. That is its task and its promise.”—C. Wright Mills,___2. How Do Sociologists Think?ex: How do Sociologists Look at DepressionSociology: A Way to Critical Thinking and to Look Beyond What is Apparent________3.Understanding the Sociological Imagination: Examples4.Sociological Theoryex: Enlightenment/Age of ReasonEmile Durkheim. Karl Marx. Max Weber.Major Theoretical Frameworks in SociologyFunctionalism/Structural Functionalists TheoryInterprets each part of society in terms of how it contributes to the stability of the whole.Emphasis on consensus and order in society. Views dysfunction in society as impetus for change.Conflict TheorySees society as organized around the unequal distribution of resources and held together through power and coercion.Symbolic Interactionism/Symbolic Interaction TheoryEmphasizes the role of individuals in giving meaning to social behavior, thereby creating society.Feminist TheoryAnalysis of women and men in society and is intended to improve women’s lives.Gender is primary lens of analysis._____5. Sociological Research Methodsex: Research Methods. Quantitative and Qualitative Research__________6.Ethical Issues in Research Studies____7.Culture and SocietyWhat is Culture?Cultures, Subcultures, and Countercultures: Crash Course Sociology (Links to an external site.)What is DOMINANT CULTURE? What does DOMINANT CULTURE mean? DOMINANT CULTURE meaning (Links to an external site.)____8. Society and Social InteractionsSocial Status and Performance____9. Socialization.ex: Conformity and Individuality.Agents of Socialization ex: mediaTheories of SocializationSocialization and Related ConceptsResocialization.Other concepts related to resocialization are: conversion and brainwashing.–Conversion is a total adaptation of a new identity.–Brainwashing are seen as extreme forms of conversion.Extreme socialization can lead to develop Stockholm Syndrome.____10. Socialization and IntersectionalityThe Role of Socialization: The Case of Genie Wildey_____11. Deviance and CrimePlane Crash on the Andes: Deviance or Not?____12: Education in the U.Sex: Is Education the Great Equalizer?.”Drop Out” vs. “Pushed Out”?Fighting for Educational Equality”Operation Varsity Blues”: Implications of the College Bribery Scandal____13:Lecture: Social Class and Social Stratificationex: Introduction/Review of TermsSocial classSocial structural position that people hold relative to the economic, social, political, and cultural resources of our society.Income:Amount of money brought into a household from various sources during a given period.Wealth:Monetary value of everything one actually owns.Net Worth:Assets minus debts—what you own minus what you owe.Social stratificationRelatively fixed, hierarchical arrangement in society by which groups have different access to resources, power, and perceived social worth.A Look at Poverty: “Evicted”_____14: Lecture: Global Stratificationx: Understand what is global stratification.Understand the theories of global stratificationAnalyze the consequences of global stratificationTypes of Poverty. Garment Work. Labor & Safety. Globalization and Global Stratification.___15: Sexuality. Gender.ex: Sex, Gender, and SexualityLearning Objectives: Become familiar and understand the following terms:SexSex CategoryGenderGender IdentityGender Presentation/Gender ExpressionCisgenderIntersexTransgenderex: What is “Sex Category”?. What is “Sex”? What is Gender? Looking Beyond the Binary.___16: Lecture: Race and EthnicityWhite Like Me, by Tim Wise (Film)__17:Lecture: The Economy and Emotional Labor___18: Lecture: The Environment__________This is al what we covered in this class. You can type any of the lecture title into google with quizlet you will find more information on quizlet specific for sociology.___Please make sure that the writing is related to the topics we covered and answering the specific questions.Thank you.


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