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If you had several job offers after graduating, defining the challenge stressors

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Management | 0 comments


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If you had several job offers after graduating, defining the challenge stressors, discuss to what degree would the level of challenge stressors in the different jobs influence your choice of which job to take? And why?Answer in your own words and respond to the postings of two of your classmates.These are two posts that I want to respond to1- Haifa: Stressors are job-related factors that force an individual to deviate from his or her normal psychological or physiological functions (Beehr and Newman, 1978), which can be divided into two types: challenge stressors and hindrance stressors (Cavanaugh et al., 2000). The former refers to the work requirements that stimulate positive affect and promote personal growth by encouraging challenges to meet personal achievement needs, including workload, time urgency, work scope and responsibility, work complexity, etc. On the contrary, the latter refers to the work requirements that individuals think are too difficult to overcome, which will hinder the effective exertion of their abilities, produce negative affect, and affect career development, including organizational politics, role ambiguity, and conflict, bureaucratic procedures, job insecurity, etc. (Cavanaugh et al., 2000; Webster et al., 2010). Overall, different types of stressors have different effects on thriving at work.Different types of stressors may have different effects on thriving at work. The socially embedded model of thriving at work illustrates the formation process of thriving and discusses how stable organizational context characteristics and dynamic resources jointly promote individual thriving at work. Individual agentic work behavior is the direct antecedent of thriving at work, which is caused by the characteristics of the work situation and the related resources (Spreitzer, 2005).2 – Lama : Stressors indicate the things or demands that produces a personal endure stress. There square measure 2 general types of stress- challenge stressors and hindrance stressors. Challenge stressors square measure thought-about as opportunities for growing and achieving goals. Hindrance stressors square measure thought-about as obstacles in achieving goalsIf a personal has many job-offers once graduation; then the degree to that challenge stressors within the different jobs can influence individual’s alternative of that job to require would be quitehigh. this can be as a result of a personal prefer to have a difficult job which will need the individual to undertake totally different tasks on a daily. he’s that sort of one that gets bored once offeredwith mundane duties and responsibilities. this can be the explanation why a personal can offer priority to employment that provides challenge and one thing new deliver every timeThe individual aspires to grow and reach his goals to become a successful and acknowledged faculty member that he believes in accretive challenges and going way in acting over themHe needs to attain additional things in life and want to grow excellently in his profession. This concludes that once offered with many job offers anter graduation,the individual can focus over jobs which will supply challenge stressors to him


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