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Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing discussion question and need support t

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Marketing | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing discussion question and need support to help me learn.hi, i need help with this discussion and I have to reply two classmates. Discussion: Watch this short video in its entirety, and discuss what you learned. Classmate #1: Networks who had a long legacy of programming such as news programming, sports programming, entertainment programming and even cable and satellite companies are stuggling to stay relevant nowadays. This leaves content producers with the big responsibility of developing hit shows in order to help networks stay relevant and evolve with the consumer preference. There has been a significant growth in technology that can be seen through digital technology where people are able to access the same content that programming networks, cable and satellite companies are producing through their phones, computer or tablets; people spend more time watching tv shows and moves online than on actual tv. There are companies that have teamed up with digital companies such as Lions Gate Entertainment who joined forces with Netflix, Hulu and even Youtube to come up with their very own original series. In addition companies such as Google, Appple and Amazon have also launched their own online-streaming services with their very own original high quality content. This has attracted an abundance of viewers which encourages them to move away from linear vieweing to on-demand viewing. Digital studios are also creating high quality content by a far much of a lower price in comparison to others, for example the top Youtube channels have attracted millons of views on content they spent roughly about $30,000 to $50,000 on. There has been a siginifcant number of people who have dropped tv all together or have changed their subscription with cable which means their cable bills is less because they are not acquiring many tv packages. Streaming video surpasses the distribution models of FTA, this has also has impacted the way content reaches its viewers; viewers are no longer watching what is on instead they watch what they want, when they want to, where they want to. classmate #2:Digital Technology has disrupted TV networks by providing more content for users to watch and seek the interest of their audience. TV viewings have declined over the year becase they are running out of ideas to produce to their audience. Streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu are able to keep their audience entertained by supplying them with content they will enjoy even if it means buying shows from their original production agencies to show to their audience. Take example when Fox cancled their show Lucifer, one of their most watched series not just once they ended up bringing back the show due to high demand from their audience and canceled the show again and the audience was begging again for Fox’s network to bring it back but then Netflix came along and bought the show bringing it on to their platform form to show to their audience and also bought it back for more seasons as well and it’s one of their most watch shows on Netflix. This is what I was talking about earlier with Streaming service being able to provide content that they know their audience will enjoy compared to the Tv networks that end up having shows that dont last and maintain a certain amount of views because networks are not really finding ways to keep up with know what their audience wants to watch.


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