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ORDER THIS OR A SIMILAR PAPER NOW Learning Topics:Project Close
Ending a project early
Lessons Learned
What’s due:Read the below concept overviews
Discussion (one main post and two replies to peers)
Project Assignment 3 using the Changepoint PPM tool
Project Close:Now that we understand how to monitor and control a project, we continue working until the project is completed or terminated early. There are many elements of closing a project, some include:Finishing any applicable work or re-work
Handing over the product to the client
Gaining acceptance for the product, service, or process
Harvesting the benefits
Reviewing how in all went
Completing a close report
Dissolving / reallocating the team
There are times that the Project Manager may struggle with keeping focus of the team members during the close process, as they are already beginning to work on new projects or see the close process as too much of an administration or bookkeeping aspect for the project. Ending a project early:There are many different reasons for why a project may be terminated early. Some may include:The team just continues to miss deadlines and unable to complete the project effectively
Incorrect estimation of scope causes costs higher than the value gained from the project
New technology makes the current project obsolete
Organizational strategy changes causing a different priority of work to be completed.
When a project ends early, it plays a tolls on the emotional and intellectual aspects of the team members and customers. Some of the emotional issues may relate to the fear of future work, loss of interest in other projects, and changes of overall attitude.Lessons Learned:Through the life of the project we should be gaining numerous Lessons learned about what has been going well or what we should improve on if we were to do a similar project again. It is important that the project team captures these lessons learned throughout the project. Then at the end of the project, during the close steps, a lessons learned workshop is typically held to summarize with the team what lessons were gained. Note these workshops shouldn’t be to point fingers at issues that came up; but instead as a platform to document how we can learn from the project so that way we can use the knowledge to our benefit on future projects. Ideally, prior to starting new projects, a Project Manager should look through lessons learned archives from prior projects to capture points that should be brought forward for the new project.


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