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Post the Following Discussion Issue:(1) Define America’s poor and identify the v

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Sociology | 0 comments


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Post the Following Discussion Issue:(1) Define America’s poor and identify the various programs created to serve them. (2) Explain the impact of unemployment on human servicesRespond to discussion questions:· Responses to discussion questions/issues must be 150 words or more. · Responses to other classmates’ postings should be 50 words or more. people to respond to Person 1:America’s poor in America are people who lack income or material possessions for their basic needs . There are millions of people living in poverty in America. The poverty measure is determined by a household pre-tax income . A family that is earning less than 24,339 is considered poor. You have children under the age of 11 that is considered poor, and also senior citizens over the age of 65 who are in poverty. 45% of Americans lives in deep poverty, which means they live on les than half of the official poverty line. There are many programs that help American’s in poverty such as Welfare who provides women and children cash assistance. They also have a program called SNAP which provides food stamps in order for families to eat. There are programs like shelters that help provide families with housing, education, and employment training. These programs are all created to serve the poverty in America.The impact of unemployment on human services will increasingly rise due to unemployment. Meaning where there is unemployment there is crime, drug use, psychiatric problems, homelessness , and a lot of suicides. The human services profession will be great help no matter what and I think that when the more crisis situations arise the more help the human services profession will be. The impact of unemployment on human services will be of great use to America and the crisis situations we have in the worldPerson 2:In America a family is determined poor if they fall under a guideline that says, if you spend 1/3rd of your income on food you are poor. Some of the programs that are set up to serve those that are poor are, food stamps, TANF, workforce programs, WIC, housing, Medicaid and free and reduced school lunches. Housing subsidies and unemployment are also programs that are established for people that are poor. Unemployment in human services can affect the following, mental illness, and an increase in crime rates, first time prisoners. It has been previosuly established that a persons environment plays a huge part in their behavior. Therefore, when people are faced with economic hardship, it’s a good possibility that they will partake in unhealthy practices.*In my opinion, despite the programs that were mentioned above, there is and has always been a systematic desire and approach to keeping a selected group of those that are poor, poor. Just reflect back to the previous chapter that was read, that mentioned the practice of the government only supplying people enough “just to survive”. This practice remains to date, look at reparations, although this was not mentioned in this chapter, why do you think, mass reparations have not been paid out despite the fact this it’s owed to so many. It is the year 2021 and the current family of 3 that gets food stamps receives monthly $535. With a historic increase of food stamp benefits of 27% starting in October 2021, and $559 cash benefits per month, remember for a family of 3 in NJ, lifetime benefits term is 5 years; it’s absurd to think that this is enough for any family 3. It is apparent to me that more needs to be done, the system is not working.


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