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Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching multi-part question and nee

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Education & Teaching | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Reply to each of these post (250 words each post) Jennifer Richards: Quotation- Pleasure- Create an aesthetically pleasing environment through the use of plants, color, and bulletin board displays (Powerpoint page 6).Response- Creating an environment that is safe but full of print, vibrate colors allows to students to feel welcome. The book states on page 232, “that room arrangement is an issue that can be decided before school starts. Take into account the fixed features in the room, instructional materials and supplies, traffic areas, work. areas, boundaries for activity areas, visibility (being able to see all students), and the purpose of various seating arrangements.” Some teachers may forget that how students are sitting in the classroom makes a big difference. The teacher should make sure that her desk in located in an area where she can see every student in her classroom. The bulletin boards should be bright and serve a purpose. For example, one could have the class rules, a daily or weekly schedule, lunch menus, and classroom helpers. Another bulletin board could be simple and full of decoration with seasonal and motivational. By adding a plant or an aquarium to your classroom brings life and responsibility to your students. By allowing the students to water the plant and feed the fish daily gives them a since of responsibility. The aquarium is fun, educational tool that parents and children can enjoy together. Students not only develop learning skills but because they get excited about the aquarium, they are eager to share what they learned with family members and friends. Plants help remove pollutants from the air by absorbing them into their roots and leaves. Students can also learn about photosynthesis. Plants can also improve students mental well being. Plants add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to any dull windows. It is also a good idea to have the students birthdays and major holidays posted in the classroom. Make sure its bring and inviting for students to look for their birthdays. It will make them feel even more comfortable.Question: By adding plants and aquarium to your classroom what how would you incorporate them into your lessons and helpers? How would you set up the desk and bulletin boards in your classroom to make students feel welcome? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________Keyla Lopez”Psychological Security is the feeling that the classroom is a secure, comfortable place to be. Establishing a warm psychological climate is a prerequisite for a focused learning environment.”Weinstein C. (2007). Uploaded to Creating an Inviting Classroom Environment. (Links to an external site.)I chose this quote because I feel like one of the most important things a classroom should have established is a safe learning environment. Students deserve to feel safe and accepted within a class, both by peers and teacher, enough that it promotes learning. Creating a welcoming classroom is more than just being open minded to every student, it includes building a relationship with the student to learn about their strengths, weaknesses, or what they need support in. This also should include any multicultural or english language learner student; by taking the time to talk to them and parents, teachers can get a better idea of their student’s background and what method would be best to teach and support them. Having that trust with students can then continue into being positive and encouraging with their progress – either academic or behavioral. By being direct in the high expectations we expect in students academically while remaining supportive, they feel more inclined to believing in themselves as well and try to complete assignments even they find hard. When it comes to behavior, the reading from Burden and Byrd on page 250 states “Communicate basic attitudes and expectations to students, and model them in your behavior,” meaning that if we want students to exhibit a certain behavior, we ourselves should model that expectation for others. One of the benefits to this is that we can also use it to reinforce expected behaviors while correcting bad ones. For example, in a scenario of a student not following a rule such as holding your hand up to answer a question, teachers can reinforce the rule by stating it before asking for responses and then showing a positive reaction towards those who do – you don’t necessarily have to punish behaviors such as this as long as you reinforce the correct one if you are teaching them these skills. All of these examples were the benefits of the positives that an established safe learning environment can come from a teacher-student trust, but there is also benefits for students and their peers. A main point of establishing a safe learning environment is to create a classroom that is welcoming and respectful of each other. By putting an emphasis of this in a classroom and showing that ourselves, students would then learn to also be accepting of others. Which is a huge importance not only to make sure that it feels like a community and has students feeling safe, but also for a way to prevent bullying. We should take the time to have small talks on how important it is that students don’t bully others, be respectful, and to confront it if they’re seeing it happen. While this is being said in mind with a best scenario, there may be students who might not want to take part in the environment in the classroom and continue to misbehave. What is the best method to help that misbehaving student not in a way to negatively punish them but rather in supporting them to exhibit correct behaviors?


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