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The young man am assigned to is Kevin RichardsonThis assignment provides student

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Social Work | 0 comments


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The young man am assigned to is Kevin RichardsonThis assignment provides students the opportunity to explore the Case of five (5) young men accused of a criminal act in New York City in 1989. Students are expected to watch the movie entitled, When They See Us. The movie is available on Netflix. Students are expected to watch the movie using knowledge gained from class discussions, group discussions, reflection journal submissions and insight on the U.S. criminal justice system. Students are expected to apply and demonstrate forensic social work practice knowledge, values, skills, and critical thinking in the scholarly written assignment. The instructor has assigned each scholar one of the names of the five young men in the Case to ensure balance in analyzing each individual’s experience in the Case.The names of the five young men are Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yuself Salaam, and Korey Wise. Directions:Review the movie
Critically analysis gaps in the case of each young man
Analyze the experience of the assigned young male accused of the crime RUBRIC: Ensure each area below clearly presented in the paper. Each bulletd point is worth 10 % (10 points)Share the name, demographic background and history of the young man chosen Analyze the factors that led the incarceration of the young man
What factors impacted the well-being of the young man, while incarcerated
What factors influenced the social, economic, and environmental health of the young man and his family Be detailed
What were the strengths, challenges, and overall impact of the criminal justice system during the arrest, court hearing and incarceration time? Be detailed.
What roles to criminal justice law, respect for human rights, race, gender and other factors play in influencing the young man’s case, based on your knowledge of Forensic Social Work? Be detailed
What factors influenced the healthy reintegration of the young man back into society? Be detailed
What processes, laws, criminal justice reform measures can be recommended to address similar issues in the U.S? Be detailed with examples using literature and State Laws
What lessons were learned from analyzing the case as an emerging Social Worker? How can the lessons learned be useful as Forensic Social Worker to promote equity, fairness, justice, equality, and respect for the dignity and worth of others.
Professional Writing: Include a Cover page (name of student; class name, name of paper and date submitted)Page limit: 5 pages with headersThere should be in-text citations using 3-4 citations. HINT: The movie can be one citation and the book can be one additional citation. Use APA Guidelines to cite referencesUse APA guidelines on the reference page.A reference page header is entitled, References Paper should be written using grammatically sound paragraphs. The paper should be in the first person; use “I” to refer to one’s own experiences. Use Times New Roman, 12 font, double space, and 1-inch margins.


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