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PURPOSE: The reflective, response essay is one of the hardest documents to produ

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Communication Studies | 0 comments


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The reflective, response essay is one of the hardest documents to produce well. The key is to write a balanced, nuanced essay that coherently integrates observations about concepts covered in class and the readings, in a way that reflects your grasp and understanding of the subject matter of the course.
The purpose of this reflection essay is for you to express your feelings and ideas about the concepts covered in Chapter 9 and to learn how to apply these concepts throughout your life. This assignment is designed for you to relate emotion, interpersonal and communication concepts and skills to your own real-world experiences. The goal is for you to communicate your ideas coherently, as well as demonstrate how you synthesize the material from the chapter and the course.
For the assignment, you will write a reflective essay on topics/concepts covered in Chapter 9 based on the following skill building activity:
In your introduction, give examples of facilitative emotions and debilitative emotions (your own examples and personal situations, not simply the examples cited in the textbook). Choose an important situation in which you experience debilitative emotions that interfere with your ability to communicate effectively. Discuss the fallacy or fallacies involved and how the fallacy/fallacies can lead to illogical conclusions and the debilitative emotions experienced in this situation. Employ the four steps on pages 263 to 267 to reappraise the rationality of your beliefs (i.e., engage in a reappraisal of emotions your situation). Discuss how the “rational-emotive approach” affects your communication in this important situation. Also, identify and discuss at least 2-3 specific strategies you would incorporate to (1) minimize debilitative emotions (irrational thinking and fallacies and illogical conclusions) and (2) maximize facilitative emotions in interpersonal relationships.
The focus for this essay is Chapter 9 – Emotions, Interpersonal Relations and Effective Communication (p. 239-267). The essay should contain (1) a clear, coherent theme and express your feelings, observations and ideas about the selected concept (which were covered in class and the readings) and how this selected concept relates to your personal life. You are welcome to incorporate concepts from earlier chapters into your response paper if it helps to illustrate your points, however it is not necessary.
This is NOT TO BE a chapter or classroom summary. These papers are where you can really become self-aware, self-reflect and develop your critical thinking skills. This is an exercise in observation and self-reflection, and you will use concepts from this course to analyze how they play out into real life experiences.
Length: Each paper should be 3 pages in length.
Spacing: Papers should be typed and double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 font with 1” margins.
Style: Use American Psychological Association (APA) style for any citations, references, and pagination.
Research: There is no outside research required for this assignment.
As such, I will pay attention to how well and how creatively you apply communication concepts to your own experiences. I also will pay attention to spelling, grammar, and overall clarity of your explanation, therefore thoroughly proofread papers.


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