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I. Introduction 2 . Issues 3.purpose 4. Research Questions 5. Literature Review

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Sociology | 0 comments


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I. Introduction 2 . Issues 3.purpose 4. Research Questions 5. Literature Review 6.Significance 7. Outcome . Essay Structure 1 . Introduction a . Informs your audience on the object study if unsure how to describe reviews newspapers like NYT , LAT , or CS Monitor ) . Explain to reader how you came about selecting the object study . Explain to reader why reading your research is important .V . Explain to reader what come to understand reading your research. Vi. Explain to reader your position towards the existing literature you collected ( Select one of these three points: (1) your research aligns with existing literature; (2) your research contradicts existing literature;(3) your research offers something different from existing literature).Issues Identify an issue (s) assist our reader o understand how you are categorizing your object of study . Classify your research by one of the following issues ( select one but no more than two issues listed below): i . Social 1. Examples a . Race / Ethnicity b. Gender / Sexuality , ii . Economic Issues 1. Examples a. Class b. Wealth/ Poverty, iii . Political Issues 1. Examples a . Political debates , b. Laws , c. Legal Issues, d. Court cases and Decisions , iv .Cultural Issues 1.Examples a.Symbols b. Meaning / Interpretation. III . Purpose statement is pivotal for reader because it informs them to the direction your research is taking ( you are not required to include the quotation marks when you write your sections). i . You are to write down the following sentence ( Do not include the quotation marks ): “The purpose of this study is to ( select one of the following: explore / better understanding / contribute to existing theory / discover new information / make policy recommendations) about —————————- . “ Explain why you made this decision. IV . Research Questions a. assist your reader how you come to delimit your object of study. for example , for my dissertation project , my central guiding question is “ how is knowledge historically constituted ; how is knowledge spatially situated ? “ i. Provide and introductory sentence directing your reader’s attention to your question. ii. List your three questions delimiting your object of study. iii. Write a paragraph —— not under each question you present———under the listing of question to the significance your question frame your object of study , iv . Classify your questions either as a Conceptual or an applied . 1, a . Are types of questions that approach the issue by answering a “so what “ but these kinds of questions do not tell readers what to do but to inform a redirect to understand an issue. Explain. b. Conceptual question come in this kind of format : i . “ I am working on topic X because I want to find out how / why / whether Y ( So what if you do know ?) ; so that I can inform others to understand this issue “] 2 . Applied question a. Are types of questions that I try to address a “ So what “ by providing an approach to ameliorate an issue . Explain . b . Practical questions come on topic X because of Y ( so what if you do ? ); so that I can suggest to readers on how to improve this issue “ V . Literature Review. ii . Convert your question from the VI. Research Question into subheading for the literature review . VI . Significance select one of these two points that will help situate your study in relation to your sources that you have collected. I . Identify two ways how your study relates to the scholar research and literature you have collected. Explain. ( if uncertain what to write go to point vi . Of the Introduction and to elaborate your point you made there . 1. Or . ii Identify how your study may improve on existing policy and make two of your own policy recommendations. Explain ( this is only if you selected that you are doing applied research; offering a solution for your object of study) . 1.write introduction for your two recommendations. 2. You two recommendations Should look like: a. Recommendations I: write your recommendations 3 . Write how you consider your recommendations will help to ameliorate your object of study. , a . Select one of these two points. VII . Outcome . a. This is not a traditional conclusion. This is called a sociological reflexivity, where you reflect about your project , the data you collected , and the manner you presented your work t r I your audience. I . Did you gain an appreciation for for the research cycle ? Explain . .ii . Did you learn the importance of systematically studying your object of study? Explain.iii . Did you gain a new or deeper understanding of your object of study? Explain .


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