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Step 1 Writing Section Introduction to Disease Gather and review information for

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Step 1 Writing Section
Introduction to Disease
Gather and review information for your chosen disease. Provide and write an overview of the self-identified disease of interest with citations for reference.
Step 2 Writing Section
Pathophysiology aspects, lifestyle choices, risk factors, and evidence-based nursing interventions or strategies
Utilizing peer reviewed biomedical research studies, the Pearson interactive video information, peer reviewed nursing journal articles, and NURS 3315 textbook content:
Outline, describe, and discuss the associated pathology aspects such as genetics, signs & symptoms, lab findings.
Describe and discuss the resulting impact of the self-identified health topic on the specific body system or systems involved.
Identify and discuss the impact of negative lifestyle choices and risk factors associated with the disease of choice.
Locate and utilize peer reviewed nursing journal articlesto list, describe and discuss 3evidence based nursing interventions which would support and promote the health and well-being for the disease of choice.
Client Education, Discussion, and Comparison of the Evidence.
Using the same resources, list and describe important patient and/or client education or teaching points as well as a way to support and provide health promotion interventions.
Address the disease of choice, evaluate, analyze, synthesize, and discuss the findings and/or similarities, the differences and accuracy of the resulting information, and evidence found within the references utilized (peer-reviewed biomedical research studies, peer-reviewed nursing journal articles, and major peer reviewed Internet websites). Note, the Mayo Clinic website is an example of a major Internet website where multiple health topics and diseases are addressed. Student may utilize the Mayo Clinic website as one of the major websites.
Step 3 Writing Section
Conclusion: Summarize key findings
Step 4 Reflection
Write a 1 page Reflection. This is the one time the word “I” may be used. Note, the 1 page Reflection does not impact the 5 to 6 page written assignment (not included in the page count).
Reflect on the lessons learned:
The writing of the 5 to 6 page written assignment
The creation of a Trifold Brochure.
The disease selected, why this national or international disease?
What aspects of the pathophysiology stood out or were surprising for the selected disease?
Did anything stand out during the review of the peer reviewed information and evidence for your chosen disease?
What is the impact of this disease either nationally or internationally?
Were you surprised by the information found on the major Internet Website(s)?
Would you recommend these Website(s) to your patients? Why or Why not? Explain and discuss.
How do you envision incorporating the various aspects of pathophysiology into your BSN professional nurse role?
Step 5 Trifold Brochure
Utilize the information already attained to create a Trifold Brochure briefly outlining the:
Self-identified disease
Associated disease process
Associated risks
Modifiable factors
Evidence based nursing interventions
Evidence based client education, teaching and health promotion strategies.
Submitting to Blackboard
Using the same Blackboard link upload the trifold brochure as a separate document. There will be two documents: 1) the written assignment consisting of the 5 to 6 page written assignment and 1 page reflection and 2) the separate trifold brochure.


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