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you will develop a mock up of a media profile or account – that you create – of

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Computer communications | 0 comments


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you will develop a mock up of a media profile or account – that you create – of your choice. This could be an Instagram account, a TikTok, a YouTube channel, a podcast, you name it.
While students are not required to actually post their creations to the web, they will be required to create graphics, images and content and provide a complete content calendar and/or communications plan outlining an engagement schedule.
Essentially, you’ll be providing all the materials required to “launch” a media profile or account without necessarily having to share that online. summary of the goals of the account, including benchmarks for measuring success and sample content AND (2) a 2-3 week content complete calendar/communication plan with all posts and communications for the period and goals for measuring their success.
The VoiceThread Presentation must include the following details:
Pitch your mock media project.
Here, you may want to revisit the podcast we listened to during the week of September 7th. Rather than pitching yourself, you’re going to want to explain and get people excited about the mock project that you’d undertake.
Describe your audience
In your presentation, you need to give us as much relevant information as possible about these groups of people. You will need to do independent demographic research using the web and/or library resources to discover relevant demographic information.
Content strategy
The content calendar (see below) will contain your posts. But you’ll still need to explain the choices that you’ve made, similar to how you attempted to understand the strategy of your account choice in our last mini-project.
Describe your posts in as much detail as you can. For instance, what hashtags are they using? Why did you pick those? Do they use certain color schemes or have a particular aesthetic? How often do they post? Does it happen at particular periods of the day or week? Do you aim to develop collaborators? How will you do that?
How will you moderate your posts, if applicable? How will you approach engaging with other community members, if applicable?
Different platforms and content will suggest different questions, but the point is that you should have a lot to say about what you are doing.
Stats and Metrics
How will you quantify success? Why have you chosen those metrics rather than others?
Other Presentation Criteria and Requirements
Your presentation must contain a combination of audio and images.
Your presentation must include scholarly discussion of media strategies, information-seeking behavior, HCI, or Information Communication Technologies more generally or the like. As an example, you might discuss spreadability in both your description of the account’s activities and in your forward looking advice. You needn’t necessarily pull from 480 content alone – relevant other eSoc, Comm, or Journalism coursework could easily be applicable here and given the aims of assignment, it’s strongly encouraged for you to draw on those.
Content Calendar:
You’ll be required to submit a 2-3 week content calendar for your mock project (that will be submitted to the D2L Assignments folder). If you are unsure whether you need to submit a 2 or 3 week calendar, please plan on attending my office hours this week or next to ask. The main point is that in order to drive engagement, you have to well, engage. If you are doing a project that typically has fewer points of engagement (for instance, a weekly podcast), then you’ll need to do the 3 week plan in order to demonstrate that you’ve thought about how to drive engagement digitally.
A content calendar essentially includes all the relevant communications/content for a particular period. For our purposes, imagine that you are plugging in all the relevant information as if you were going to hit “go” and those posts would go live according to the calendar: you need to plan out date/time/platform and all the relevant text and information, media, or data for that post. That includes hashtags or other visibility mechanisms (sponsored etc) that you’d like to take advantage of.


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