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Film Analysis -Amreeka You will be watching the film Amreeka (2009) by director

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Film Analysis -Amreeka
You will be watching the film Amreeka (2009) by director Cherien Dabis, about a Palestinian single mother, Muna, and her teenage son, Fadi, who immigrated from the West Bank of Israel to a small town in Illinois.
As you watch the film, consider the following questions/issues:
What emotions do the main characters experience? What influences their emotional responses (for example, their culture, history, personality)?
What ways to the characters communicate emotions? Note specific examples. Think about both
verbal and non-verbal channels.
What are some examples of problematic communication in the film?
How does culture impact characters’ perceptions and interpersonal behaviors?
Do gender expectations or stereotypes impact any of the characters or relationships?
Describe the characters’ sense of identity and self-concept. How do the characters influence each others’ self-concepts?
What factors contribute to positive or negative communication climates in the characters’ lives and relationships? What confirming or disconfirming messages are sent and received?
What conflicts emerge between the characters? Why? How are they resolved?
How do the characters and their relationships change in the course of the film?
What do you think the filmmaker’s point of view is about the different characters and their relationships? What did the filmmaker try to get across?
Which characters did you identify with, and why?
you will write a 3-5 page paper (typed, double-spaced) about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships present in the film, utilizing concepts from the text and class discussion. Choose one (or two) relationships or characters to explore. Be sure you’ve read all required chapters before drafting your paper! You must choose at least 5 of the questions/issues listed above to guide and deepen your discussion, but do not make a list of answers. (Feel free to ask yourself other questions, too, using concepts from the text that interest you.) Your paper should be written as a clear, thoughtful essay, with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Using quotes from the film may help bring your discussion to life. You will need to write at least one or two paragraphs to explore each of the 5 questions you choose.
Although you may state your opinions about the film and use your own emotional responses to enrich your discussion, this is not primarily a film review. It is an opportunity to explore the characters and relationships presented using concepts from class. Please do not focus on arguing about the quality of the film–be sure to move beyond stating your likes and dislikes.
REMEMBER: you are writing about your OWN thoughts and insights about the film. When you start writing, you will find you have lots to say. Do not be tempted to use reviews or analyses you find on the internet. Please review the rules about plagiarism on the library website. You will receive a zero for this final paper if you copy words or ideas from other sources without including proper citations.
You will be evaluated on
the quality and depth of your observations and insights;
your selection of examples that convey interesting interpersonal dynamics and communication concepts;
the clarity of your writing and the organization of your ideas; and
your effective use of concepts from the text and class discussion in your analysis.


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