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understand that copying / taking ideas from other sources (e.g., reference books

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understand that copying / taking ideas from other sources (e.g., reference books, journals, internet, and tutor handouts) without acknowledging them is plagiarism. I confirm that:
 This assignment is all my own work.
 All contributions taken from other reading and research have been referenced accurately.
 Any direct quotations taken from other reading and research have been acknowledged and attributed accurately.
 I have attached a bibliography listing all sources used in producing this assignment.
 I have added the word count below. NB unless specified otherwise, the word count indicated above is acceptable.
 I have read and understood the Ascentis document entitled ‘Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Malpractice’ provided by the tutor and understand the consequences of non-compliance with this document.
To be completed by student on submission and in confirmation of above declaration
Student signature
Word count
To be completed by tutor
Tutor signature Pam Jones
Unit grade award Word count confirmed as accurate Yes/No
To be completed by the IM (Internal Moderator) if work has been internally moderated
IM name (printed) IM signature
Date internally moderated
B The Assignment Brief
Assignment Brief
The specific question for this assignment is linked to your Tutorial sessions and the BTC Advantage:
Critically evaluate the impact of Safeguarding, British values, and the Prevent strategy in professional and private life
This assignment contains 3 main tasks: a report, a plan, and a 1500-word response to the specific question, above, with in-text references and a reference list using Harvard Referencing format.
Task 1: Report on assignment terminology (1.1, 1.2)
Write a report (500 – 750 words) explaining the different terms used in academic assignments and how these she should be approached.
Key terms include (but are not limited to):
• Describe
• Discuss
• Evaluate
• Compare and contrast
• Analyse
Task 2: Planning for an academic assignment (1.2, 2.1, 2.2)
Produce a plan to answer the specific question:
 Consider the question carefully (including what you know about terminology from Task A) and the conclusion required
 Write three or four key points that support the argument
 For each point identify one or two examples from research to support the point
 Note words or phrases that will be useful at each stage
 Note the sources used so they can be acknowledged
Decide what format your final response will take (essay, report, etc.)
Task 3: Responding appropriately to the specific question (2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)
 Ensure that there is a strong introduction which sets out what will be covered
 Begin to structure the key points in a logical way
 Ensure that each point furthers the argument or discussion
 End with a conclusion that sums up what has been discussed and answers the question
 Use Standard English and appropriate terminology throughout
 Adapt your writing style and register to your intended audience
 Including a reference list and in-text citations to show awareness that using the words/ideas of others should be acknowledged
Remember to proof-read your work before submitting and ensure you are within the word limit of 1500 words. Check that your conclusion provides a clear answer to the question.
Start you answer here:
C Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria 1st submission
Y/N 2nd submission


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