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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need support to help me lea

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need support to help me learn.You will be researching and following a company of your choice throughout the second half of this course (ideally, an organization which you have some interest in joining as an employee or associate on day). You will craft an in-depth managerial analysis of the selected approved organization by researching and addressing the following questions:The Organizational Strategy: What is the mission of the organization? What planning methodologies are utilized? Define and assess the organization’s strategy. Identify its customers and/or constituents; and its competitors.
The Organizational Structure: Describe how the firm is organized. Note the formal structure (organizational charts); also what informal entities exist? Describe the decision-making process. How does the organization manage change?
Organizational Leadership: What is the leadership style? Who are the organization’s heroes? Describe the motivational environment. Assess the effectiveness of the organizational communications.
Organizational Control: Comment on the processes for control – noting the strategies used for achieving organizational control . Describe the budgetary and/or financial controls. Describe any operational controls. What role(s) do communication or information systems play?
Organizational Ethics and Innovation: Evaluate any innovative managerial practices. How is entrepreneurship encouraged? What ethical dilemmas are faced? What sources of “employee empowerment” are utilized? Role(s) of technology
Assess your interest in joining the organization – Why or Why Not? How/in what capacity?
Grading Criteria:Part 1 – The Final Written Analysis: You will prepare your analysis, compiling all of the research and details based on the questions above, and editing it into a final cohesive document. The analysis will be no less than 10 typed pages of content – 1” margins, 12pt font, double spaced – and must be in APA format. You will organize your report in the following format:Cover Page (with your name ID# BUS 200 – section and date)Executive Summary (Abstract)Table of ContentsBody of Report (Questions 1-6 noted above)Bibliography/ReferencesAppendix (if needed)Part 2 – The Presentation: You will virtually present your findings in a Power Point Presentation with Voice Thread. In a presentation no longer than 10 minutes and no more than 8 slides, you will present your analysis to the class via VoiceThread. The following will be taken into consideration when assigning a grade: 8-10 minute presentation, max 8 slides used, clear verbal presentation of research process and findings, clear and professionally designed slides.Please Note: This project MUST follow APA format. This project will be submitted in Finals Week in lieu of a exam. This project is worth 40% of your final grade. The project will be graded based on – project topic proposal, progress check points, peer-review, and Final Written Analysis and Powerpoint Presentation with VoiceThread. We will be working on this project weekly throughout the second half of the semester. A detailed time line is provided below.
Requirements: Correct   |   .doc file


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