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Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology report and need an explanation and answe

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Biology | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.TISSUE ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT – Module Code: BME808Please check the below link 1st to understand biomaterials, cells, bioreactors, methods, and later check materials to write in-depth and please mention retailed materials and don’t drag any topic too much. Just add information on what he asking and what topic is needed. 1.Case Study Report 75%: Design of Engineered Tissue for the Treatment of Disease. A 5 Minute Reflective Digital Story 25%: Digital overview of your report and its development over the module (Panopto or similar digital technology).( Presentation PPT 6-7 pages)
Tissue engineering can be classified as the development of biological substitutes for implantation into the body and/or the fostering of tissue regeneration and remodeling, with the purpose being to replace, repair, maintain, or enhance function. Main Note 1 As the new CTO of “RegenaGrowth Tissue Engineering(TE) Ltd.,” you are responsible for creating a report for an original TE “product” for your new employers. You have been allocated a disease process that you should address your tissue engineering solution towards from the below. You should complete your report and then make a digital storybook to outline, defend and support your choices for designing the TE product and evaluate the advantages and potential drawbacks of your scientific approach. TE product of Cardiovascular damage (you should explain: – heart muscle, valves or conduction)
Main Note 2 Your report should critically evaluate the current literature/progress in TE applications (e.g., advances in stem cells, growth factors, biomaterials & bioreactor conditioning), to develop your bioengineered replacement organs/tissues for patients with your allocated disease. Discuss the literature & progress made in the area & the importance of the research in helping patients with these types of diseases. The audience of your paper is the senior management and head of Research & Development in your new company. Use relevant case studies / clinical trial information to support your argument where appropriate. Part 1: Assignment Case Study Structure (recommended): Review of your chosen subject area – disease pathophysiology, epidemiology & the clinical needs addressed by tissue engineering
Cells: If applicable, outline the clinically relevant cellular source, rationale for that source, associated advantages & limitations, mode of cellular delivery
Take 2 Biomaterials and explain : If applicable, detail the latest scientific & clinically relevant research in your chosen biomaterial production, application, processing & delivery
Molecular/gene delivery: If applicable, outline how these applications contribute to the success of your final TE product
Bioreactors: If applicable, outline the bioreactor strategies for your cellular or therapeutic molecule delivery
Challenges & future directions (product design, clinical translation, ethical issues)
2.Approach: Rationale for the TE approach adopted – Personal opinions should be firmly expressed in your conclusions. Part 2. Digital Story ppt Critical reflection on your TERM design process
Evidence of storyboarding, scripting and planning
Effective use of digital storytelling methodology that enhances the story being told and creates consistent look and feel in the outputted video
Referencing and bibliography through credits and utilising creative commons effectively and the Harvard convention where appropriate
Review Paper Specifics: The assignment should be a maximum of 2000 words (excluding references) plus appropriate hand drawn figures & use of tables, strong evidence of referencing in Harvard style.
Requirements: Mentioned in question   |   .doc file


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