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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need guidance to he

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.In your textbook Leading and Managing in Nursing, read Chapter 30, “The Strategic Planning Process.”
In your textbook Fundamentals of Project Management, read:Chapter 1, “An Overview of Project Management”
Chapter 2, “The Role of the Project Manager”
Chapter 3, “Incorporating Stakeholder Management in the Project Planning Process”
Chapter 4, “Planning the Project”
Chapter 5, “Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project”
View the presentation Strategic Planning for Change.pptx.
Download and review the Strategic Plan Resource 2021.docx file.
Identify a specific problem or need to serve as the basis for a strategic plan. The actual need that you identify could be related to process improvement, patient safety, quality service, effective workflow, or ongoing education to address a knowledge deficit. The project must be patient-centered and must have a measurable outcome. The scope of the strategic plan should be such that it can be accomplished within an 8-week period of time and serve as a future capstone project in your final course. It is recommended that you interview formal and informal leaders in your chosen healthcare environment to assess for needs or problems that would benefit from a change initiative that might fall within your scope of practice and the assigned capstone time frame.
Use the APA template to write a 3-4 page strategic plan paper that meets the following criteria:Use APA level I headings to organize the components (Background Discussion, Stakeholders, Outcome Statement and Evaluation Plan, and Conclusion) of your written paper.
Introduce your proposed plan for change to a current situation in a healthcare setting in your introductory paragraph. A clear problem statement should be included in this initial paragraph.
Background Discussion: Give background information that describes circumstances and factors that influence the existing problem or need. Discuss how your proposed plan will bring effective change or improvement to the chosen healthcare setting. In this background discussion, a minimum of three sources from current and scholarly literature that support evidence-based practice should be integrated to validate and provide rationale for your strategic plan.
Stakeholders: In this section, you will identify all of the stakeholders who will be potentially involved or will be impacted by your plan. A brief identification of those stakeholders, along with a succinct description of their role and interest in the plan should be discussed. You should include your chosen project facilitator (preceptor) and the facility where your change initiative will be implemented in this stakeholder discussion.
Outcome Statement and Evaluation Plan: In this section, you will begin with a well-written outcome statement (SMART goal). Then, briefly describe an action plan that might be implemented to achieve this outcome. You will also describe an evaluation plan that specifically corresponds to the outcome statement. You will discuss any data that will be collected and analyzed in order to measure the achievement of the stated SMART goal (outcome). This section will describe the process that will be used to evaluate the success of your proposed change.
Conclusion: Summarize the benefits that this change initiative will have on the chosen healthcare setting. Briefly describe the long-term and future impact of this proposed change initiative.
The problem I chose is how to decrease ventilated associated pneumonia in the hospital
Requirements: APA , 4 Pages, Double Spaced, Times New Roman


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