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Learning Goal: I’m working on a operating systems presentation and need guidance

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Operating Systems | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a operating systems presentation and need guidance to help me learn.Computer operating system is computer software or software whose job is to control and manage hardware and also basic system operations, including running application software such as data processing programs that can be used to facilitate human activities. The Operating System in English is called the Operating System, or commonly abbreviated as OS.The computer operating system is software on the first layer that is placed on the computer’s memory, (computer memory in this case there is a hard disk, not ram memory) when the computer is turned on. While other software is run after the Computer Operating System is running, and the Operating System will perform general core services for the software. These common core services include disk access, memory management, task scheduling, and user interfaces. So that each software no longer needs to perform these common core tasks, because it can be served and carried out by the Operating System. The part of the code that performs these core and general tasks is called the kernel of an Operating System.According to Tanenbaum, operating systems have developed very rapidly, which can be divided into four generations:1. First Generation (1945-1955)The first generation is the beginning of the development of electronic computing systems as a substitute for mechanical computing systems, this is due to the limited speed of humans to calculate and humans are very easy to make carelessness, mistakes and even mistakes. In this generation there is no operating system, so the computer system is given instructions that must be done directly.2. Second Generation (1955-1965)The second generation introduced the Batch Processing System, which is a job that is done in a series, then executed sequentially. In this generation the computer system is not equipped with an operating system, but several operating system functions already exist, for example operating system functions are FMS (Fortran Monitoring System) and IBSYS. So this second generation of computers is the first generation of the operating system.3. Third Generation (1965-1980)In this generation the development of the operating system was developed to serve many users at once, where interactive users communicate via the terminal on-line to the computer, then the operating system becomes multi-user (used by many users at once) and multi-programming (serving many programs at once). ).4. Fourth Generation (Post 1980s)Today, the operating system is used for computer networks where the user is aware of the existence of computers that are connected to each other. At this time, users were also comfortable with the Graphical User Interface, which is a very comfortable graphic-based computer interface, at this time the era of scattered computing also began where computations were no longer centered on one point, but were broken down in many computers so that performance was achieved. better.The operating system history is detailed from the 1980s. This article describes the history of operating systems from DOS, Mac, Windows, BSD, to Linux.1956GM-NAAI/O : This first operating system was first used by General Motors on the IBM 704 large computer. However, this system was no more powerful than Batch Processing.1969Unix: The first modern operating system was developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie who at that time needed a fast platform for their “Space Travel” game.1973XeroxAlto : The first system with a graphical interface used only for research until 19811980QDOS: Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer wrote QDOS which was built on the popular OS of the time, CP/M. QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) was marketed by Seattle Computer under the name 86-DOS because it was designed for the Intel 8086 processor.Microsoft: Bill Gates of Microsoft bought the QDOS license and sold it to various computer companies.1981PC DOS: IBM launched PC DOS which was purchased from Microsoft for its computers based on the Intel 8086 processor.MS DOS: Microsoft uses the name MS DOS for this OS if it is sold by a company outside of IBM.1983MS DOS 2.0 : Version 2.0 of MS DOS was released on the PC XT computer.1984System 1.0: Apple launched the Macintosh with an OS derived from BSD UNIX. System 1.0 was the first operating system that was based on graphics and used a mouse.MS DOS 3.0: Microsoft released MS DOS 3.0 for AT PCs that used the Intel 80286 chip and which began to support the use of hard disks over 10 MB.MS DOS 3.1 : Microsoft released MS DOS 3.1 which provides support for networking.1985MS Windows 1.0: Microsoft introduced MSWindows, an operating system that has provided a graphical environment (GUI) and multitasking capabilities. Unfortunately this operating system is very poor performance and is not able to match the success of Apple.Novell Netware : Novell launches -based operating system
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