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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanatio

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please use references for Unionization in the United States has seen an increase of members in healthcare. Some of the members include registered nurses and other nonphysician individuals (Flynn et al., 2015). In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have begun to vote for unionization. Issues such as a lack of personal protection equipment, inconsistent testing and safety measures, and notifications of exposures to COVID positive patients has led more healthcare workers to file paperwork to vote for unionization (Pattani, 2021). Unionization in healthcare is added protection and negotiations for the employees, such as better working conditions, salaries, and job security. Unfortunately, healthcare workers are requesting union protection because individuals feel that the facilities have not protected them in a time of crisis and the healthcare workers feel disrespected. The power of union representations allows healthcare workers to demand safety improvements, have a say in their workplace, and their schedules (Gaille, 2017). Unlike a non-union member, being a member of a union provides some positive aspects such as access to paid sick days, higher wages, and health insurance. There are several benefits a union provides its members such as worker protection, better benefits, and being an economic trend setter. However, being a member of a union has some disadvantages. One disadvantage is that there are membership dues and fees that some workers do not want to pay, but unfortunately, the dues are deducted automatically from a worker’s paycheck (Gaille, 2017). Another disadvantage of being a member of a union is that unions make it harder to promote and terminate workers. Unions focus a lot on the seniority of the worker. This often translates into the lack of advancement for new and high performing employees to advance. Similarly, it is difficult to demote those employees who are not performing at high levels (Gaille, 2017). Labor unions will continue to play a major role in hospital-employee relations in states where unions have traditionally had a presence — and that presence is likely to increase in other states (Rosenkrantz, 2021). Physicians are potentially the next area where organizing will occur. As more physicians become employees of hospitals, health systems and other provider organizations, they are more likely to seek representation. As unions gain ground in the healthcare industry, the likelihood of strikes grows. When strikes occur, it makes it difficult for hospitals to staff during these periods. As unions become more sophisticated people see unions in different states attempting to coordinate strikes to fall on the same day, which would make it almost impossible for hospitals to staff their facilities (Rosenkrantz, 2021). The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is “an independent federal agency enforcing the National Labor Relations Act, which guarantees the right of most private sector employees to organize, to engage in group efforts to improve their wages and working conditions, to determine whether to have unions as their bargaining representative, to engage in collective bargaining, and to refrain from any of these activities. It acts to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers and unions.” (National Labor Relations Board, n.d.). The NLRB conducts unionization elections, they investigate complaints through fact-findings, they present their findings in a court of law and prosecute any violations committed (Flynn et al., 2015). References:Flynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J., & Valentine, S. (2015). Healthcare human resource management (3rd ed.)Gaille, L. (2017). 13 advantages and disadvantages of labor unions. Labor Relations Board. (n.d.). Introduction to the NLRB., A. (2021). For health care workers, The pandemic is fueling renewed interest in unions., H. (2021). The future of unions. with each other and being a good team player regardless of your discipline (Laureate Education Producer, 2015). Unionization in health care is very important to employees and it keeps employers on their toes. Unionization is here to stay and almost all organizations have them for different classifications. Employee experience is important when the employee feels like they have a voice (Laureate Education Producer, 2015). The positive aspects of employee relations in a union are you get more benefits and people who advocate for your rights. There are union representatives to make sure your rights are not violated. Together employers and employees can work with their employers to feel like their voice matters (Laureate Education Producer, 2015). Another positive thing about having a union is your salary gets negotiated and also your shift and days off depending on seniority. When you have a union the employer has to obey a contract and they can’t change things without notifying the union. Healthcare organizations employ many professionals and are trained in their discipline and effective teamwork requires people to work together with patients (Laureate Education Producer, 2015). The disadvantage of non-union is you don’t have a contract and the employer can change your schedule or shift without notice. You do not have a union representative and you don’t have an attorney who fights for your rights. When you are part of. a union you have to pay a fee but it is worth it because you are protected against your employer. Also if you get in trouble the union makes sure they are fair with you and help you keep your job. The future of unions in health care is very promising. Almost every healthcare facility has a union to ensure the employees are treated with respect and they have a decent salary with good benefits. As part of belonging to a union, you are also guaranteed training to help keep your skills. remedial training is offered to employees who need it to brush up on their skills (Flynn et al., 2015). The role of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is to protect employees and monitor unions and is overseen by the government (Flynn et al., 2015). ReferencesFlynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J., & Valentine, S. (2015). Healthcare human resource management (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). The work experience and employee relations [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). Performance management [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Requirements: 150-250 words each


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