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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me

by | Jan 1, 2022 | Management | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me learn.Prompt – DUE SATuRDAY 1/1/22- APA format- 6 references – 8 pageFormulating Strategic Management Decisions Use the following case study to complete the Portfolio Project.“A Case Study Analysis on the Competitiveness of Small Lodging Operations in Jamaica” (Links to an external site.)The intent of this case study is for your team to identify the challenges and determine the strategic competitive effectiveness of the Jamaica small hotels lodging industry. More specifically, your team has been hired as the consulting company to assist the small lodging operators in Jamaica to support their future growth and success. In preparing your report to the relevant stakeholders connected with this industry, answer the following questions. Your team will complete all topic questions not bolded, then select at least one of the bolded items (although your team may complete all bolded items if that is the decision of your team), and include a conclusion paragraph: Create an introduction that describes the small hotels lodging industry and the challenges/problems the small lodging operators faced.
Apply a SWOT analysis to evaluate, analyze, and determine what your team’s assessment of the operational state of the small hotel lodging industry in Jamaica.
Using the SWOT and other strategic planning tools of your choice, what are some major strategic decisions that need to be made for both the short and long term in order to re-position and re-focus the small hotel lodging operations as an ideal choice for tourists?
How can these small hotel lodging operators develop the major drivers of competitiveness that is required and is critical to driving the operations competitive advantage? Consider using a value chain analysis to develop your response. List and discuss some of the necessary drivers of competitiveness that small hotel lodging owners should consider implementing to prevent the cyclical nature of the industry from the adverse impact it may have on their performance.
Given the situation and your analysis, what should the approach of the small hotel lodging operators be toward developing a competitive strategy against the large hotel operations? What are the risks and benefits to consider? What ethical considerations are present in these decisions?
How are the small hotel lodging operators considering restructuring their operations in order to eliminate or reduce the competitive risks they face from larger hotel operations? Include a stakeholder assessment in your analysis. What are your recommendations?
Since very little is known about the competitiveness of small hotels in the Jamaican economy, how can your team better understand their level of competitiveness to determine how they should move forward?
Do you believe that Jamaican small hotels are mixing competitiveness with price competition, and, as a result of this strategy, are competing in the business environment based on price? Discuss your responses. If this is the case, what strategy should they focus on to ensure that price is not the main focus and is only a part of the equation? How is price competition a sustainable practice for small hotel lodging operators in Jamaica, realizing the environment they operate in?
The case study does not include topics related to innovation, benchmarking, or operating at international standards of quality. Additionally, it seems as if small hotel lodging operators are largely slow to responding to opportunities and stakeholder needs in this extremely competitive industry. One may say that, because of their size, they lack the necessary resources.Discuss how these small hotels can use their size to become one of, or their major strength.
Explain how small hotels can alleviate these weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
Discuss some innovative ideas and benchmark practices that they could consider/implement.
Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable values to include in an accurate strategy for small hotels to use to measure their success in terms of competition, quality of service/products, average daily rate, and their progress towards or meeting strategic goals, for example.Identify and discuss some KPIs that small lodging operators could engage in that would allow them to turn their operation around and perform more efficiently and effectively.
Create a conclusion that summarizes your team’s key findings and make recommendations based on your analysis and responses to the above topics.
Read the case study analysis on the competitiveness of small lodging operations in Jamaica. Approach this project as though your team was hired as consultants for the small lodging businesses in Jamaica. Do not focus extensively on Jamaica’s problems due to hurricane damage or COVID-19, although these considerations should be addressed in your paper.
Requirements: 8 pages


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