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1. What is it and describe it.

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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I need a response, Pick one of them and let us know about it.
1. What is it and describe it.
2. What could it be used for
3. What are the benefits
4. What are the risks
5. Attach an article that focuses on this specific type of complementary or alternative medicine and state the key points of the article.
For this;1.
Contemporary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a common therapy used to treat chronic pain syndromes. CAM therapies include acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback, chiropractic care, energy healing, folk remedy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis, imagery, lifestyle diet, massage,
megavitamins, naturopathy, osteopathy, relaxation techniques, self-help groups, spiritual healing by others, copper bracelets, and yoga. This article is about CAM therapies among primary carepatients that use opioid therapy for chronic pain.
2. This article is used for primary care patients that receive opioids as a primary care treatment try CAM therapies as chronic relief.
3. The benefits of this article includes treatment in patients having a variety of pain problems including low back pain, headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.
4. Risks include, this CAM therapies not working as treatment and chronic pain still prominent.
5. This article below focuses on complementary medicine helping patients using opioid therapy for chronic pain. This study took 908 primary care patients receiving opioids as a primary treatment method for chronic pain. These patients completed a questionnaire designed to assess utilization, efficacy and costs of CAM therapies in this population. Results showed that most patients that had relief from the CAM therapies being female. Most severe pain came from the neck and upper back pain. Most medical insurances covered chiropractic treatment and prolotherapy. Also, over half the sample reported that one or more of the CAM therapies were helpful. This study suggests CAM therapy is widely used by patients receiving opioids for chronic pain.,and%20educational%20nature%20of%20CAM..
1. In general what is Morgan’s health status at the beginning of this project?
2. How many calories should Morgan eat each day to maintain his weight? How many does he eat on his McDonald’s Diet?
3. Who did the first graders recognize the best?How can this be so? Should Ronald be banned? Is he a more deadly clown than Pennywise (IT)?
4. What has happened to the rate of obesity in children and teens in the U.S. in recent years? What can be done to reduce this?
5. How does Morgan feel after his first Supersize meal? Why do you think this happened?
for this;
At the beginning of his project, Morgan’s health status was very healthy before he started eating at McDonald’s every day. The three doctors that he talked to all stated that he was perfect, fine, and good. Overall his health status was outstanding before starting his one-month binge eating only McDonald’s. Morgan’s calories need are going to be averaging about 2,500 calories a day his total fat for a day should be 80 grams total and his saturated fat should be less than 25 grams a day. In his Mcdonald’s diet, he eats over 5,000 calories. The first graders instantly knew who Ronald McDonald was. Children know who Ronald Mcdonald is because they are a bunch of advertisements that include Ronald Mcdonald in it especially if they make cartoons out of it. In a way, I think he is a more deadly clown than Pennywise because Mcdonald’s causes more deadly health issues to people of all ages. The rate of obesity in children and teens in the U.S in recent years is that it has doubled over time. What we can do to reduce the problem is we can get more healthy nutritional food in school instead of the food that we have right now. Also, get kids to have more time to do some exercise. After morgan ate his first Supersize meal he was feeling awful he looked miserable as well. He had a stomach ache going on as well at the end of that segment he even ended up throwing up. I think this happened because he wasn’t used to eating like that before since he had a healthy diet before starting this.


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