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Initiative vs. Guilt

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Please respond to the classmate below, 200words max, 2 scholarly sources:
Grace Coleman
TuesdayMay 31 at 4:17pmManage Discussion Entry
Initiative vs. Guilt
Informal observation was made of my daughter. She is four years of old and in the Initiative vs. Guilt stage in Erikson’s Stages of Development. During this particular stage, three to five year olds begin to play more and socially interact with others. During this interaction they learn to take initiative and control what takes place (Wong et al., 2021). Children develop self-confidence and begin to ask several questions during this stage.Children who are allowed to complete tasks on their own and explore their own abilities, develop determination to reach goals and find direction for their lives (Maree, 2021).
I informally observed my daughter as she went to children’s church this past Sunday. In the beginning, she did not want to go. However, I took her one Sunday and she has been asking to go ever since. This particular Sunday, when the kids exited the sanctuary to go to children’s church, my daughter got up on her own and walked out of the sanctuary by herself. I stayed in my seat and let her do so. I wanted her to accomplish this task on her own without my intervention. Through this observation, my daughter is learning to try things on her own.
While in the children’s church, the children practiced songs they are going to perform for the upcoming father’s day program. My daughter practiced the songs with the other children. She was given a solo to sing during one of the songs. By exploring her abilities, she is gaining the confidence to achieve goals (Maree, 2021). A few months ago, my daughter would not go to children’s church. Now, she is going on her own, engaging in activities with other children, and is exploring her abilities.
This is just one example that represents the stage of development my daughter is in. She also enjoys social interaction and playing with other children (Wong et al., 2021). She is also not afraid to ask questions when she wants to know something.
Industry vs Inferiority
After reading about the industry vs inferiority stage, I decided to write about the observation I made of my niece during her after school end of year program. I felt like it would be a good representation of this stage. During the industry and inferiority stage, a child’s competency grows and they become better at performing more complex assignments (Maree, 2021). Their confidence increases and they acquire a sense of proficiency when they are praised and encouraged by others (Maree, 2021). My niece demonstrated her ability to perform complex assignments during her after school end of year program. The end of year performance consisted of students performing the new dance moves they learned while attending the after school program. My niece acquired a new skill and learned how to breakdance. Her dance teacher and her parents have been supportive of her dancing. My niece’s confidence in her dancing has improved. She was not afraid to perform a solo dance move at the beginning of the performance. She also taught several students in the program how to do a backbend (her favorite move). Through practicing and encouragement, my niece’s proficiency in dance has increased. As I watched her perform, I could tell how much her confidence had grown. My niece became so proficient at one of the dance moves, the instructor utilized my niece in a tik tok video that teaches kids how to perform a breakdance move.
When I think about both developmental stages discussed and the examples listed, the bible verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” (Phillipians 4:13). During each example, I watched my daughter and my niece progress in their development. They are gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities. They both are learning that they can do whatever they put their mind to. God gives us the strength and ability to navigate life. As my daughter and niece progress in their developmental journey, they will learn more about what they can accomplish with God.
Maree, J. G. (2021). The psychosocial development theory of erik erikson: Critical overview.
Early Child Development and Care, 191(7-8), 1107-1121.
Wong, D. W., Hall, K.R., & Hernandez, L.W., (2021). Counseling individuals through the lifespan.
(2ed.) SAGE Publications.


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