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You will be acting as marketing firm and your client will be SMC or any existing organization of your choice. A

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments


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You will be acting as marketing firm and your client will be SMC or any existing organization of your choice. A major component of this assignment is that you are taking marketing terms and concepts learned in this class and applying them in your marketing plan.
Potential Organizations/Requirements
-Small organizations you are a part of
-A business that you work for (as long as you get permission)
-A small to medium business that you are familiar with and can research/get information on
-The paper should be double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font and have one inch margins.
-Use headings for all sections listed below in the marketing report structure.
All content and sections of the paper should be your original work. You can use quotes and are required to do outside research which you much cite your sources. Your instructor will use Turnitin to check paper originality. There will be consequences if any sections of the paper are plagiarized.
80 Points Content The paper addresses the requirements in appropriate detail and accuracy. **Make sure to incorporate key concepts and terms in you marketing plan (use marketing strategies/tactics from the class)***
10 Points Professionalism The paper should have a look and feel that’s polished and attractive. Layout should be professional and it’s great but not required to include some visual aids/images.
10 Points Writing The writing should be business professional. Should be direct and easy to read but also elegant.
100 Points Total
Marketing Plan Report Structure
Make sure your marketing plan report is double-spaced and use the bolded section headings below in your paper.
Title Page- Include Company name, logo, date, class name, student name, and instructor name
Introduction (1 paragraph)-Provide a few sentences explaining why you chose your client organization to write your marketing plan.
Planning Phase
Client Organization (1/2- page)— Describe your client organization. What it the mission and goals? How may customers (students) do they serve? What is the demographic makeup of the customers (students)? Where do the students come from? What is the reputation/brand of the organization?
Competition (1/2 page)- Think of 2-4 competitors for your organization. How is their brand and customer value proposition better or worse than your client? How are their customers different? Discuss the market and segmentation in relation to competition.
SWOT Analysis (3/4 page)- Develop a SWOT matrix with three to four bullet points for each section (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat). Here’s some instructions and an example (Links to an external site.)
Primary Research (1/2 page)- This should be a summary of your findings by interviewing existing or potential customers (at least 2). Think of this as a focus group. Ask questions about usage, how they access the product/service, and what they like and dislike about the product/service.
Marketing Strategy
The Marketing Strategy section should be based on the information you gathered from the Planning Phase sections. Essentially you should look at the information gathers from the Planning Phase sections and from there develop marketing strategy that is informed/shaped by information gathered.
Objective (1-2 sentences)- For this plan you should have one objective. The objective should be specific and measurable (e.g., increase sales by 4% over the next two years). It should measure both the impact on the company due to the marketing plan (in a measurable way, usually in a % or $) and should have a time associated with it (3 months, 6 months, 1 year). Make the objective realistic.
Strategy (3-5 sentences)- Given the objective the marketing strategy is the overarching statement of how the objective will be achieved.
For example, sales might be increased by increasing the awareness (which was found in the situation analysis to be exceedingly low relative to competitors). Another strategy to increase sales might be targeting a new segment that has not yet been captured, or stealing a certain competitors share. The section outlines the rationale for selecting these strategies.
Marketing Tactics (1 page)- Describe 3 specific actions to take to achieve your marketing strategy. Think about the how these strategies incorporate the 4 Ps (marketing mix). Be very specific. An example might be to launch an IMC or hire sales people to focus on a target market (this would also include a lot more detail). We have studied many concepts from class so please review course content. These should be numbered and provide lots of details for each of your three tactics. This is the most important section as it tells the reader how you will achieve your marketing objective and strategy.
RESOURCE: Marketing Strategy and Tactics (Links to an external site.)
Control Phase
Evaluate Performance (1/4 page)- How will you measure success? How and when can you quantify the results of your marketing plan. Think about multiple ways or metics to measure.
Also, this section should directly measure back to this objective that is set.
Include some citations/references of where you get material for research. Can be in text citations or works cited page at end or both.


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