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The Image of a Local Church

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Communications | 0 comments


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Part 1: The Image of a Local Church
Like all types of organizations, local churches and their leaders are often
involved in determining the specific image of their organization they would
like to project to their various stakeholders or publics. They often
strategically communicate this through various means. Increasingly,
communication scholars and practitioners are aware an organization’s
image or reputation is not just the result of what the organization
communicates but is socially constructed by their publics. Any
organization’s strategic communication planning must account for this.
An organization’s image or reputation, desired or actual, can be comprised
of many different components or specific parts. Some are obvious (e.g., an
organization or brand name; what’s portrayed or elements in the latest
advertising campaign(s); the character of the building(s) the organization
occupies and others); some much less so (e.g., clothes particular
employees wear; the nature of a picture of an organization leader on a web
page; the efficiency of a voice mail system; what kinds of cars are in the
organization’s parking lot and many others).
Stakeholders that are acutely sensitive to any local church’s image or
reputation and its many facets are the visitors to the church. These can be
people that have moved from one geographic location to another or for a
variety of other reasons are looking for a new ‘church home.’
Select one of either (a) local churches generally or (b) a particular
local church which you are familiar with or have an interest in.
Develop a list of what you believe are the particular components that
comprise the local church’s image, as might be seen through the
eyes of potential and actual first-time church visitors.
Next, discuss what you believe are the three most important image
components to potential and actual first-time visitors to the church.
Write 2-3 well-thought-out paragraphs in which you present your specific
Part 2: Corporate Reputation as an Object of Communication
First, read pages 4-8 from Craig E. Carroll’s, The Handbook of
Communication and Corporate Reputation. You will find a copy of these
pages under the Course Resources tab within our Blackboard course site.
Carroll provides a brief overview of one theoretical framework through
which an organization’s reputation could be viewed from a communication
Select an actual business that you have worked for, are quite familiar
with or have a strong interest in.
Use Carroll’s framework (especially the types of images described in
the reading) to briefly assess its corporate reputation.
Be specific and refer to and cite from the reading to support your
Your written response to Part 2 should be 250-500 words.
Part 3: Social Media and Other Internet-related Influences on
Organization Image and Reputation
Increasingly, an organization’s image and reputation depends in part on
how well they understand and use social media and other Internet-related
technologies and applications to establish, maintain or repair their image or
In The Power of Social Media and Its Influences, Tim McCorkindal and
Marcia W. Di Staso (Ch. 40 in Carroll’s book) generally describe the
growing importance of social media on an organization’s reputation.
Although this article is a bit dated, the main observations made by the
authors still seem to hold true.
After reading this article, pick one actual organization or brand that
you have not used in other parts of this assignment. Make sure it is
an organization you have observed and believe has done a good job
of managing their reputation through social media or a particular
social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,
Then pick a second organization or brand that you have observed
and believe has done a poor job in this respect.
In each case, explain specifically why you believe so and provide
specific examples to support your contentions.
As you evaluate each organization or brand, consider whether or not
it appears their social media use reflects the goals of trust,
transparency and engagement as discussed in the article above.
Your written response to Part 3 should be 250-300 words.
Part 4: The Relative Merits of Corporate or Brand Logos
What role does a corporate or brand logo play in the image of an
organization or management of its reputation? It is seldom one could find a
business or non-profit organization that does not have one. It seems that
for many entrepreneurial efforts, a corporate or brand logo is the first thing
that is developed.
Many large organizations and brands have highly recognizable logos.
Some logos have lasted for many decades, although sometimes with some
design modifications to accommodate cultural changes or particular
promotional campaigns. In the case of these long-lasting logos or symbols,
what communication goals do they typically fulfill? How are they
incorporated into various communication strategies? What is their relative
effectiveness? Do corporate or brand logos help or hurt when an
organization faces crises?
Some scholars have tried to address these and other questions. Generally,
they have found that a good, well-established corporate or brand logo can
enhance an organization’s overall image or its product line. This does not
necessarily mean it will enhance positive response to particular products or
services the organization offers or specific parts of a product line. Studies
that link design features of a logo to action on the part of consumers or
other types of publics seem to be rare, despite the fact that the design of
corporate and brand logos is a huge industry in itself, one that
wholeheartedly promotes that great logos are a must.
The link below takes you to a site with images of a great many corporate or
brand logos that have been considered successful, at least by those that
created the site, and in some instances, many others. You might find it fun
to look at:
Select any ONE of these logos.
Conduct a search for more information about its history, uses, and
perceived effectiveness.
Next, discuss in writing why and/or why not you believe it has been
important to the organization or brand it represents, its image, and
the management of its reputation.
Your written response to Part 4 should be about 250 words or so.
Use current APA format to cite any articles or sources you find
relating to the logo you’ve selected and its use by/for the organization
or brand.


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