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Learning Goal: I’m working on a illustrations exercise and need support to help

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Illustrations | 0 comments


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Learning Goal: I’m working on a illustrations exercise and need support to help me learn.
This assignment is largely self directed, but with the focused intent of rapidly increasing your fluency in Adobe Illustrator.
You will be producing a series of vector graphics “sketches”. These are not intended to be finished compositions. Each sketch will be an exploration of the technical capabilities of Adobe Illustrator.
If you’ve never used Illustrator or similar vector graphics tools before, you will be starting out just learning the most basic drawing and shape making techniques and learning to navigate the Illustrator workspace. You should find that you can quickly begin to combine a few basic techniques to produce more sophisticated designs.
If you are an experienced Illustrator user, you can use this assignment to dive deeper into tools and techniques that you’ve yet to explore. You can experiment with more involved sequences of processes to achieve richer, more individualized design qualities.
You will be sharing the images you produce with accompanying notes describing the techniques involved.
Workload Estimate
You are expected to spend at least 4 hours on this project. If you are completely new to this software, assume that you will need to add another hour or so on top of that estimate to get acclimated to the workspace.
You will be submitting 12 or more images with process notes for this assignment. I’m estimating that on average you will spend 20 minutes per image. This duration includes the time you need to read or watch tutorials, experiment with the tools/techniques and add written notes as text on your artboards.
Learning Objectives
Demonstrate technical proficiency using Adobe Illustrator to produce vector graphics.Everyone should be comfortable with these basic skills (if you are more experienced you can start with more advanced tools and processes):Creation of primitive shapes (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.)
Modification of primitive shapes (move, resize, modify shape, change color of stroke and fill)
Change layer order
Combine shapes using pathfinder tools
Drawing Pen
Path modificationUse of Direct Selection Tool
Manipulation of anchors and handles
Type CreationType Tool, Area Type, Type on Path, etc.
Character parametersFont
Font style
Font size
Paragraph Options
GeneralCopy – Paste (many options/variations)
Duplicate (repeat action)
Transform Move, rotate, reflect, scale, shear
AlignmentAlign to Artboard
Align to Selection
Distribute objects
Appearance effects (fx)
Explain vector graphics techniques using the vocabulary that is specific to domain.This will be demonstrated through your written note on your artboards.
Vocabulary includesThe names of tools (Selection, Direct Selection, Pen, Brush, etc.)
The names of graphic elements (Path, Anchor, Handle, Fill , Stroke, etc.)
The names of processes/actions (Align, Group, Transform, Select, Arrange, etc.)
The names of workspace elements/panels (Layers, Appearance, Color Picker, Properties, etc.)
Getting Started
Sign up for your free Adobe Creative Cloud account through ASU: ASU UTO Adobe Creative Cloud access requestLinks to an external site.
Download Adobe Illustrator using the Creative Cloud application or Adobe website. You will also need Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder for upcoming class modules. I recommend installing these right away so you don’t have to worry about doing so later in this very compressed class timeframe. The raster graphics (Photoshop) module starts next week!
For this assignment you will only be using Illustrator. (As we progress throughout the semester you will start combining tools and techniques using the optimal tools for the specific task.)
Create a new illustrator file. In the document settings window:Type a meaningful name for your document (include your last name as part of the document name (ex. laheySportsDrinkLabel.aic)
Set the document width and height to 1000 Pixels
Orientation doesn’t matter since this is a square aspect ratio.
Set the number of Artboards to 1.
Leave the Bleed settings at 0 pixels (px).
Set the Color Mode to RGB (If this was for an actual product label and print quality was the top priority, we would set this to CMYK to optimize for the standard printing process which uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. We will be sharing this work through web browsers so it is instead optimized for screen display.)
Set the Raster Effects resolution to Screen (72 ppi) (pixels per inch). Even though Illustrator is primarily a vector graphics editing tool, it as some raster graphics capabilities. This setting optimizes the rendering of these effects for the target destination (print, video, web).
Leave the Preview Mode as Default.
Save your file.Save frequently (this is less critical if you use the Creative Cloud save option).
I recommend using the option to Save to Creative Cloud while you are working on the project.
When your illustration is complete, you will use Save As to save a copy of your illustration to your computer. You will archive this, but it will not be a part of your submission. For this step, do the following:File > Save As
Select “Save on your computer”
Set the Format as Adobe Illustrator (ai)
Click “Save”.
In the “Illustrator Options” panel that pops upMake sure the Version is “Illustrator 2020”
Check the box for “Include Linked Files”
Leave the other boxes checked.
Click “OK”
Technique Demonstration and Notes
Find tutorials, lessons and reference materials that are appropriate for your experience level. YouTube and other websites can be a great source of information, but I recommend starting with Adobe’s help: (Links to an external site.)
Depending on your learning preferences, you can follow tutorials step by step, or start experimenting and look for help when you get stuck on something.
Create graphics using the tools and techniques you discover. Prioritize demonstrating the basic techniques and tools that I outline in the learning objectives.
Multiple tools and techniques, especially the basic foundations, can be demonstrated on a single artboard.
Take notes as you go!Notes should be included as text on the artboard that you are working on.
Taking notes is an opportunity to demonstrate various type techniques.
Describe what tools you are using.
Specify the source of any lessons, courses or tutorials that you are utilizing.
Notes need not be highly formal, but should be clearly legible and must communicate what you were doing.
Mark how many minutes you spent on that artboard.
Produce at least 12 artboards demonstrating a wide variety of tools, techniques and processes.On average, each artboard should represent about 20 minutes of focused effort.Some may be significantly quicker exercises
Others may be much more involved processes, taking longer to learn, develop and describe
Media organizationIf you are already experienced, confident navigating multiple artboards, and comfortable keeping layers organized, you are welcome to work in a single Illustrator document and export all your final artboards as a set of images.
If you are new to Illustrator, I highly recommend creating a new Illustrator file with a single artboard for each of your 12 (or more) final images.
Use the Export process to save a flattened, compressed jpg version of your illustrations. These files will be constitute your final submission.File > Export > Export As
Set the Format as JPEG (jpg)
Click the “Use Artboards” option (this will maintain the white background that you composed your illustration on as part of the final image)
Click “Export”
In the JPEG Options panel that pops upSet Color Model as RGB
Set the Quality slider bar to 10 (Maximum)
Set Compression Method as Baseline (Standard)
Set the Resolution to High (300 ppi)
Set the Anti-aliasing to Type Optimized (Hinted)
Check the box to Embed ICC Profile
Click “OK”
Repeat this process for each of your artboards.
Submit your 12 or more JPEG images.
Archive your Illustrator files (I recommend maintaining the Adobe Cloud version and a version on your computer or external storage device) but do not submit them for this assignment.


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