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Which author presents a more persuasive perspective/argument about postsecondary education?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | English 101 | 0 comments


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Essay Two: Comparative Evaluation
The goal of this essay is to compare and/or contrast the opinions or experiences presented by authors in two of the assigned readings.
Course Content > Assigned Readings
Andrew Delbanco, “What is College For?”
Anemona Hartocollis, “College is the Goal. The Problem? Getting There”
Lawrence Lanahan, “What if We Hired for Skills, Not Degrees?”
Josh Moody, “Alternatives to a 4-Year College: What to Know”
Elissa Nadworny, “You Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree to Land a High-Paying Job”
Molly Worthen, “The Anti-College is on the Rise”
Required Readings: Blackboard
Course Information > Link: Composition Syllabus > Graded Item Descriptions and Rubrics > Rubric: MLA-style Expository Essays
Course Content:
Blackboard Video: Submit an Assignment
If you do not have Microsoft Word, please review Course Content > Word-Processing Tutorials
Learning Module: Perspectives
The Writing Process
Class Topic: Synthesis Writing
Link: Synthesis Writing | Resources for Writers | Drew University
Synthesis Essay Question Worksheet
MLA Style Requirements
Template: MLA-style essay
Link: MLA In-Text Citations
Link: MLA Works Cited Page- Electronic Resources
Choose two articles from the Assigned Reading list. In a total of four to five paragraphs, describe how the authors’ perspectives about postsecondary education are similar (compare) and/or different (contrast). You must cite evidence from the two articles you’ve chosen from the Assigned Readings list to support your argument.
Your essay must include a brief introduction paragraph, two to three body paragraphs, and a brief concluding paragraph.
In your introduction (one brief paragraph, approximately five sentences), identify and briefly summarize the assigned readings you have chosen. Conclude your introduction paragraph with your thesis statement, which will state your main idea. Your thesis statement should answer the following question: In what way(s) do the authors have a similar (or opposing) perspective about postsecondary education?
In two to three body paragraphs, you will provide a comparative (compare and/or contrast) evaluation to support your thesis statement. Use the following questions to guide your comparative evaluation throughout your body paragraphs:
What is the perspective/argument about postsecondary education that is presented in each article?
What forms of evidence do the authors of each article use to support their perspective? For example, do the authors cite evidence from research? Share personal experience? Interview participants? A combination of these research methods/forms of evidence? How do the articles that focus on personal experience differ from the stories that examine education from an objective perspective?
Which author presents a more persuasive perspective/argument about postsecondary education? Explain why you believe the author’s perspective was more persuasive/impactful.
In your body paragraphs, cite specific concepts, ideas, and evidence from the assigned readings to support your main idea and its key points. Whether you cite a direct quote or summarize a quote in your own words, you must include MLA-style parenthetical citations.
Your conclusion (one brief paragraph, approximately five sentences) will restate and evaluate your thesis statement, the main points of your analysis, and the key findings from your evaluation. In other words, your concluding paragraph will summarize what you have discovered about the viewpoints/experiences regarding education that were presented in the assigned readings.
Include an MLA-style Works Cited page on a new page after your conclusion.
Length: Four to five total paragraphs
An introduction paragraph
Two to three body paragraphs
A concluding paragraph
Works Cited page
MLA formatting guidelines. See Course Content > MLA Style Requirements folder for resources and templates.
Narrative point-of-view: First-person allowed; avoid filler phrases: I think, I feel, In my opinion
Essay must be attached/uploaded to this Assignment link. See Course Content > Video: Submit an Assignment. Emailed submissions are not accepted. If you accidentally submit the incorrect file, you may submit the correct file through this assignment submission link by the due date.
Accepted file types: Microsoft Word or PDF
Note for non-Microsoft Word users: If you cannot save your file as a Word document (.doc or .docx), please save this and all files in Portable Document Format (.pdf). See Course Content > Word-Processing Tutorials for brief how-to videos about how to save as Word and/or PDF using different word-processing programs/software.


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