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Identify the relevant legislation relating to dismissal.

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Human Resources Management (HRM) | 0 comments


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INSTRUCTIONS: Kindly highlight the required changes below with different color.
There are areas that require further work and please see the referred areas for more detail.
Resubmitting your work:
Review the feedback given by your marker. Where you have been marked ‘Refer’, make your additions or changes to the marked work in a different colour. Resave the work as ‘Resubmission’ or ‘2nd Attempt’ ***Please provide the full document when resubmitting and if making amendments within PowerPoint please highlight any changes
• look to expand your research/reading as this can help in providing a wider understanding.
• some responses contained highlighted information. Take care with this as this is only needed for resubmissions to show the new information to the marker.
• take time to digest the requirements of the criteria.
Keep up the hard work and good luck with your resubmission
AC 1.1 Review emerging developments to inform a…
You scored 0 / 4
AC 1.1 Review emerging developments to inform a…
a good response in which you have made recommendations for REBU. Within the response the information could have been structured a little clearer in relation to the recommendations. The information was also highlighted.
Please document the applied word counts within your front covers.
AC 1.3 Assess a range of employee voice tools a…
some assessment has taken place but unfortunately this is not on the tools and approaches that are required. Take care with highlighting information as this should only really be done when resubmitting work to make the new information stand out.
Assess surveys, suggestion schemes and team meetings as approaches that can be used to drive employee engagement. The information would work well within a table and consider the pros and cons of each.
AC 1.5 Explain the concept of better working li…
A response has been provided but this needs to be expanded to explain the actions REBU could take to promote physical and mental health working practices.
Identify the actions REBU can take, for example permanent contracts for stability, flexible working etc and explain how these can support/impact on wellbeing.
Look to expand your research as this can help in providing a deeper and wider understanding.
AC 2.2 Distinguish between official and unoffic…
A slide is provided but this is not in the same order as the information provided within the word document. A table has been provided but the information needs to be revisited as this is not correct, particularly in relation to unofficial action.
Undertake further research and then create a table to identify an official and unofficial action, for example strikes and explain the key features of each and distinguish between them.
This is a first submission and information has been highlighted at times. Please only highlight information when resubmitting work.
AC 2.4 Distinguish between third-party concilia…
you have undertaken some comparison but the response jumps straight into this. The response needs expansion.
Explain what mediation, arbitration and conciliation are and the compare the similarities and differences. A table would work well to undertake the comparison.
AC 3.1 Explain the principles of legislation re…
Reference has been made to what misconduct is but the response needs revisiting as there are gaps. Please also take care to ensure that source information is Harvard referenced.
Identify the relevant legislation relating to dismissal. Then explain what capability and misconduct are and explain the stages that would be followed to address these, for example if there is a capability issues training may be offered first before going down the dismissal process. A good way to do this would be to use examples.
The resources accessed were limited. Consider expanding your research.
AC 3.2 Analyse key causes of employee grievances.
you have provided a range of information which focuses on how you should identify if the issue is a grievance. For this criteria you needed to focus on key causes of grievances within REBU
Analyse the key causes of grievances within REBU
Take care to ensure that you are addressing the requirements of the criteria. It is good to read the criteria a few times to digest the requirements.
AC 3.3 Explain the skills required for effectiv…
Skills have been identified but these are limited in terms of why these are needed.
Expand your explanation to address why the two skills are required and important, for example in relation to record keeping why is this needed and what skills would you need to ensure that this is effective.
AC 4.1 Explain the main provisions of collectiv…
Words such as official and unofficial action have been stated but there is no explanation around what these are. Please also address the law that relates to collective employment.
Identify the relevant laws associated with collective employment and identify the main provisions including official and unofficial action. For the criteria it requires you to explain, take care to ensure that detail is provided behind the key words.
AC 4.2 Compare the types of employee bodies, un…
well done for undertaking task three. On review of the response this does require further work as you need to identify a union and non union form and compare them.
Identify a union and non union form and compare the similarities and differences between these. A table may work well to present the information. Look to expand your research as this can help in providing a deeper and wider understanding.
AC 4.3 Evaluate the purpose of collective barga…
you have made reference to REBU within the response but this does need to be explored further.
Considering collective bargaining how could this be applied within REBU. Examples would work well here.
Look to undertake further research to support a wider understanding.
Comments from Customer
PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#468813470): 3 tasks all the the details for it is attached
Task 1: 1300 words (word file)
Task 2: 1800 words ( power point file Presentation pack and supporting notes )
Task 3: 500 words ( word file)


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