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Research project guidelines

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Cognitive Psychology II
Research Project Guidelines
Prepare a written report, 9-11 pages (2000 to 2400 words) about an experiment you conducted about one of the following topics.
Your paper should be typed, double-spaced and will be graded according to the rubrics shown below:
Human Memory
Learning and Cognition
Face Processing
Similarity Judgements
Decision Making
Motivation and Thinking
Expertise and Cognition
Note that the topic must be approved by your professor.
You should prepare your paper in APA style (APA, 2019). There are many good resources on APA style online including APA style ( and Purdue Owl Online writing lab ( The APA style guide is also available in the ZU library, with several copies available for check out and one on reserve for library use only.
You will be required to work individually. Each student will be responsible to conducting the research and producing the written paper, and thus takes responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the submitted work.
You will be working on the project in a structured way, with class time allotted to work on specific aspects of the paper.
American Psychological Association. (2019). Publication manual of the American Psychological
Association (7th Edition). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.
Guidelines for conducting the experiment:
The research project should be carried out in stages.
First Stage
Decide the topic of your project and get approval from your teacher
Find four research articles related to your topic using PsycINFO or other library database
Read the articles to familiarize with the topic of your project
Elaborate research question and hypothesis
Identify the independent and the dependent variables of your study
Choose the study design (experimental or correlational design)
Decide the number of participants (at least 12)
Decide on the experimental task to collect data ( you may select one from
Decide who is writing each of the sections of the project (abstract, introduction, methods, …)
Second Stage
Prepare forms (informed consent form) and measures for data collection
Complete data collection in class if possible
Third Stage
11. Analyze the data in class if possible
12.Finish up whiting research paper
13. Complete the peer-review form
14. Upload the final paper in BB (make sure it complies with APA standards).
Guidelines for the Written Report:
Follow the instructions below when preparing your paper.
The paper should include the following sections:
Title page
Introduction/Literature Review
Title Page
Title page includes your name, university logo, semester, academic year, and title. Title is on the top of the page.
Purpose of the study
Overview of the methodology
Interpretation of the results
Introduction/Literature Review
Introductory Paragraph – Introduces the topic (see APA sample paper)
Literature Review – separate into at least three themes
It includes a summary of prior studies that are relevant to your study (see APA sample paper)
It covers at least 1 theory related to the topic
Concepts are clearly defined
Present Study -State the objective of your research, research question, and or hypothesis
Here you will have the following headings: participants, design, materials and procedure.
Participants: number of individuals participated in your study and provide some demographic information like gender, age, marital status and so forth.
Study Design: experimental
Materials (or task): materials used for data collection
Procedure: give detailed information about your study
Explain the task you used to test participants.
Explain exactly what participants were expected to do. Include the instructions you gave to participants.
Here you are going to calculate the mean response accuracy or response for the dependent variable.
Add a bar graph
Provide a paragraph that summarizes the findings.
Discussion Section
In this section, you should provide a brief summary of your findings and whether they support your hypothesis, how it relates to prior studies. You should also provide an explanation based on your own assumptions and knowledge for why you found what you found, and the limitations and strengths of your study, and suggestions for future studies.
Make sure you follow APA guidelines.
You should include a minimum of 5 research articles in the introduction and 3 in the discussion.
Paper Format
Font: Times New Roman 12 pt size
Space: Double space
Length of each section of the paper [these are for guidance puroses]
Abstract: about 150 words
Introduction/Literature Review: 2 pages minimum
Methods: 1 page minimum
Results: 1 page minimum
Discussion: 2 pages minimum
References: 8 references minimum


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