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Why are these the most important?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Two Attributes: Accountable & A Clear and Effective Communicator
Why are these the most important?
I think accountability is important because if it a team / group effort and we need your input on the projects. Doing your part, can lessen some of the stressors of the project. Also, not waiting until the last minute to submit to the final person, can be held as accountability.
To be a clear and effective communicator is also a good attribute. Letting your team or group know, you need help or just portion of the assignment will be late is all needed information. I am a firm believer, there is no “I” in team. Also, if you’re strong or confident in your part, communicating with your team maybe things can be switched around. According to (Yi, 2015) “Team building is effective for improving communication and teamwork.
Think of teams in which you have participated either currently or in the past. How did team members exemplify these attributes, and how did they contribute to the success of the team?
I am going to speak in a current team effort. I work in primary care, which mean a lot of it is “Team Nursing”. So, my team now, we have a Provider, RN & Two LPN. The LPN’s we are responsible for screening patient, medication reconciliation, updated surgical and medical history. Being accountable for our team, we provide report to the provider and a close to accurate med rec. We hold our weight as nurses to make sure our provider is fully functionable to see the patient. Communication is needed in the medical field; I feel like that’s a given. Right Patient, identified by Full name and date of birth. Just like giving report, what the patient tells, you would tell the provider. Now, our team RN plays a huge part. She writes the team detailed notes, covers HEDIS measures, if and we give report, she adds to it just in case something was missing. Which means she is pulling internal report from other documents we didnt source. I feel we function as a well-oiled machine; everyone knows the game plan for day, and we have each other backs and or adjust if more coverage is needed.
Potential Healthcare Team Members: Audiologist
This doctor identifies, assess, and manage auditory/balance disorder. So often we have patient who report new onset of balance concerns or new loss of hearing. I think is profession can add to my current setting, because I work in primary care and instead of placing a referral, they could be scheduled to see this specialty. According to (Zazove et al., 2020) “Hearing loss, is the second most common disability in the United States, its under diagnosed and under treated.
Yi, Y. J. (2015). Effects of team building on communication and teamwork among nursing students. International Nursing Review, 63(1), 33–40.
Zazove, P., Plegue, M. A., McKee, M. M., DeJonckheere, M., Kileny, P. R., Schleicher, L. S., Green, L. A., Sen, A., Rapai, M. E., & Mulhem, E. (2020, November 1). Effective hearing loss screening in primary care: The early auditory referral-primary care study. Annals of Family Medicine. Retrieved November 10, 2022, from
Reply to this discussion answer. This is base on the previous assignment. I don’t think you need reference, maybe can use the same references used by this students.


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