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Summarize your competitive analysis.

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Business Studies | 0 comments


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COVER PAGE- of course!
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- this is a high level snapshot that allows your client to become familiar with the major points of your report before reading it. Think of the abstract you’ll see when you locate an article in the Full Sail library database. That’s what it should look like. Even though this appears at the very beginning, it will be the last thing you write- after your report is done. See the attachment, “How-To-Tips” for help. This is important. It’s the place students usually have the most trouble.
OBJECTIVE- what question did your client hire you to answer? What course of action do they need help determining? Remember, analysis should be future oriented, so your objective is not just to review their position in the marketplace. Instead, they need your help with suggestions about a specific problem or opportunity. They need to know what to do next. This is the purpose of your report and the end to which you will write.
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY – where did you find your information? How recent is the information? What is internal, external, qualitative or quantitative? What challenges did you encounter and what information is missing or pending?
RESEARCH AND KEY FINDINGS – Findings come from research. Include your strongest and most important research in this section. Include an industry description and outlook. Name the target market for your company and your chosen product. Summarize your competitive analysis. Be sure to note relevant findings in your STEEPLE and SWOT analyses. (This is a written report. Do not copy and paste from Assignments 1 and 2). Three visuals are required. Keep them simple and impactful. Any interviews, large charts or other reports go in the appendix.
CONCLUSIONS – Conclusions come from findings. This is the analysis part. Share what you have realized about your brand’s status and position, and that of the product/service and markets on which you focused. Draw conclusions about the existing and projected markets for your brand and your product.
RECOMMENDATIONS – Recommendations come from conclusions. Again, this is where you provide your recommended answers. Are you making strategic, tactical, operational or micro recommendations? How should your company capitalize on favorable findings? How should it respond to unfavorable findings? In sum, what should be new goals for the future, and what if any, should be changes to product/service line, target market or message? Include at least one SMART goal in your recommendations (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Include recommended future research. Be clear on what you know you don’t know.
References: Cite your sources. Use APA short form in the body of the paper and long form in the references section at the end. Remember: neither Wiki sites nor personal blogs are considered credible sources for academic/professional research. If you visit Wikipedia at all, you must click through to the original source in the linked footnotes.
Visuals: Include at least three pictures or simple charts, tables or graphs within the body of your paper. Remember that each visual must be simple, clear to the reader, and stand on its own. If you did not create the visual, each must also be cited it the paper and on the reference page at the end. Right-click on the image and choose Format Picture/Layout to wrap text around the image for a professional look. (References for visuals do not count toward the minimum five research sources required.)
Appendices: For more complex charts, tables or graphs an appendix may be better. Within your paper you can reference your own appendix in short form and correspond it to and assigned Appendix letter at the very end. You won’t need to cite your own appendix on the reference page. For more details on citing in an Appendix: Appendix Items
Style: Use APA format and formal business writing style. For writing resources, see the Policies and Resources section of your Welcome activity on your dashboard. Avoid informal language (“Sales went through the roof and the president freaked out.”). Avoid first person (“I,” “we,” and “you”). Spell out abbreviations at first use (MLB, RPG, EDM). Reserve personal opinion for the recommendations section.


If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional Essay Writing Service is here to help!



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