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please do not use any outside sources. please respond to the two essays from pee

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Ethics | 0 comments


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please do not use any outside sources. please respond to the two essays from peer students. i will post link to article that was used. There will be two essay that i want responses to each. just a short detailed paragraph on each essay. all on one page. first paragraph should be response to the first essay and seconf paragraph should be response to the second essay
link to artilce used by different student
DISCUSS: Compassionate Care
What do you think about the article? Reflect upon your own experience: Have you witnessed compassionate care in your own life, or in that of a friend or loved one? How important is it to have compassionate care?
I thought the article was very interesting. The first thing I looked at after reading the article was when it was published, which was in 2018. The world is very different now compared to the past 4 years. I do believe that compassionate care goes a long way and that there seems to be less of it in medicine today. On the other hand, I also think society and people in general distrust the medical field now more than ever, especially after COVID. Working in an ER over the past 4 years has really shown me how people treat medical professionals unfairly. They’re snobby, rude, disrespectful, violent, and abusive towards staff. It’s few and far between where we encounter nice, genuine people. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is these days so I can understand that it’s hard to show compassion all the time. While we still are compassionate, we are disrespected and abused more than ever. So, I do agree, compassion can be something we work on in the medical field, but I also think respect can be worked on as a whole with society. We all are human at the end of the day.
I have definitely witnessed compassionate care. This past summer, both of my grandparents had died within 2 weeks of each other, both on hospice. The compassion that the nurses provided them with was absolutely amazing and we were so thankful for them in return. For them to provide for the ones that’re on their way out of this world is a tough job to do! Overall, no matter what job you have, compassion should always be practiced. We never know what other’s are going through so, just a smile could go a long way. While it may not always be appreciated, we all could at least try in hopes to make a difference in someone else’s day.
I thought that this article was very interesting. I particularly enjoyed that it was from the Philly Voice and focused on local hospitals and health care in the region. I am considering applying to work as a nurse at Temple University Hospital when I graduate so I was glad to see that this hospital was included. The article felt especially applicable as burnout has been increasing among healthcare workers since the COVID 19 pandemic. I was surprised to learn that it only takes about forty seconds for a meaningful and compassionate approach with patients. I did not expect this as I have always viewed compassionate care as requiring more time and effort. However, after learning this I truly believe that there is no excuse to not be compassionate, regardless of the genuine obstacles that healthcare workers face. It is certainly true that with staffing shortages and an increased demand on the healthcare system, the time that nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers can spend with each patient is less than ideal. It is often said that there is not enough time when it comes to compassionate care but this article disproves that.
Additionally, patients can sometimes be very challenging to work with and do not necessarily want help. I am hoping to be a trauma nurse and work in emergency medicine in the future. Over the summer I completed an EMT program and had the opportunity to ride along on the ambulance a few times and provide patient care. I saw a variety of combative individuals in emergency situations during this experience and had patients threaten and throw things at the other providers and me. It was challenging to consider the importance of compassionate care when the priority was safety and emergency medical treatment. However, that does not justify patients not having compassionate healthcare interactions. I think that a little bit can go a long way when it comes to this and that even just communicating more openly or intentionally addressing the concerns of patients can help.
I have witnessed compassionate care in clinical a few times. One time in particular I was caring for a hospice patient and thought that the way the nurse and doctor spoke to the family and explained everything with care and sensitivity was very kind. The doctor also took the time to answer questions and the nurse went out of her way to arrange for a specific priest to come in. I am sure that this helped the patient and their family feel more at ease and cared for. Ultimately, compassion is at the cornerstone of healthcare and should be included in every patient interaction.


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