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The annual town hall committee meeting in your local region is quickly approachi

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Management | 0 comments


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The annual town hall committee meeting in your local region is quickly approaching. The committee members have requested that all event organizers, planners, and coordinators present their Risk Management & Safety Plan for their first event to be held in the next six (6) months in the presence of tourism authorities. The presentation’s primary objective is to see how well your event project could contribute to the safety of all the event stakeholders who will be part of the event. The town depends significantly on the revenue of annual events, and the committee members are excited to see what your plans are for unexpected crises or emergencies. Below are the main areas of your Risk Management & Safety Plan with the requirements listed.
Section A- This section of your paper includes your event details and a detailed discussion on your event details, risk/hazard assessment, crisis assessment, crowd assessment and site inspection for accessibility Assessment.
Event Details (1 page)
-Select the type of event you would use for this event project.
-Provide a brief description of the event, including the theme you will use. This must include an event title and why you have chosen this theme or title.
-Explain the reasons for choosing this type of event and how it has contributed to the local economy? (Please consider the revenue gained, number of attendees, impacts on the environment, social, and economy, etc.)
Conduct a Risk/Hazard Assessment (3 pages)
-An assessment of the site location
-Assessing the demographics of the attendees.
-Consider the number of attendees.
-Consider the weather and environment (Review the types of activities during specific seasons).
-Review the historical records of events in the destination.
-Assess the lodging accommodations (You can compare at least 2 to 3 lodging sites. Please consider their amenities, distance from the event venue, etc.)
-Assess the transportation and commute in the area.
-Examine potential hazard for the ticket office, main arena, car parking, etc., if applicable.
Crisis Assessment (1 to 2 pages)
-Explain three (3) ways you would deal with a crisis and provide a discussion of the resources available to take immediate action.
-Examine how the crisis could impact the event and discuss three (3) things that would you include in your recovery plan for future event programs.
-Create a team consists of persons who will be on the committee for the crisis management plan (you can mention these employees’ roles and responsibilities in your organization).
Crowd Assessment (1 to 2 pages)
-Briefly discuss three (3) things to describe your audience profile and three (3) things to describe your crowd demographic.
-Explain four (4) factors that will contribute to the potential for crowd movements at your event venue or location. (You can review 9.1.2. in The Event Safety Alliance (2019) Safety Guide for guidance or other reading resources provided).
-Identify two (2) potential crowd disasters that could happen during your event.
-What strategies would you implement to minimize overcrowding in the areas mentioned above or at the event’s venue or location?
Site Inspection for Accessibility Assessment (2 pages)
-Examine how accessible is your location such as parking lots, doors, elevators at your site location for guest arrival.
-Inspect the public restroom to include a description of doors for heaviness, turning radius inside, the distance from meeting spaces.
-Examine the seating availability to see how seats could be configured to accommodate attendees with wheelchair.
-Service Animal (does the event site allowed service animals?)
-Food and Beverage offerings to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities (review suppliers and vendors for accommodation).
-Analyze the air quality by discussing the chemicals or any odors present in the location.
SECTION B- This section of your paper includes your written policies and plans. You must discuss in detail all the sections that are related to your event. If a section is not related to your event, you can put (Not Applicable/NA).
Event Safety Policy/Plan (3 pages). Provide brief discussion to the following in 3 to 5 sentences.
-Statement conveying management commitment
-Continual improvement of safety performance
-Working in consultation
-Objectives or targets for personal injury performance
-A commitment toward a high level of event security
-A reference to the safety of participants, entertainers, members of the public, event staff, and contractors
-Competent and trained staff
-Signed by the CEO
Crowd Management (3 pages) Provide brief discussion to the following in 3 to 5 sentences.
-Discuss how exits will be marked.
-Discuss the procedures that will be implemented to check fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and emergency lighting.
-Explain the steps that will be used to ensure fire lanes are unobstructed.
-Explain what would include in your emergency notification plan and discuss how people will be notified and who will deliver the message.
-Discuss how aisles and other exit routes will remain clear throughout the event.
-Identify potential spaces and events where crowd management requirements would apply.
-Discuss what a training program would look like for crowd managers and list four (4) things that would be on a checklist to be used by crowd managers.
Duty of Care Plan (1 to 2 pages)
-Discuss three (3) ways you would demonstrate a duty of care for the event you have been working on over the weeks.
-List three (3) things you would cover in a formal contract for your event.
-Identify one event insurance you would use for this event. Briefly discuss what will be covered by the insurance.
-Identify and briefly describe one (1) regulation that you have to adhere to within your state, country, or region to host this event.
Event Registration and Admission Policy (1 to 2 pages)
-Discuss four (4) ways you would ensure your event registration and admission areas are accessible. (Please consider your website as well)
-Discuss your policy for ticket sales to accommodate attendees with a disability
-Identify a technology you would use to assist during registration and admission, and how does it benefit attendance.
Contingency Plan for Virtual Event (1 to 2 pages)
-Discuss one (1) type of virtual event that would be feasible for your event in case of an emergency. Please explain why the was the best option.
-Identify two (2) technology systems that you would use in hosting your virtual event.
-Explain three (3) challenges you will face to switch to a virtual event.
-Explain how you would mitigate these challenges.
Your Risk Management & Safety Plan should be 15-20 pages (not counting the cover page, table of content, and references) in length and the APA format. You must support your event project proposal with a minimum of 5 references, not including sources from Wikipedia.


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